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postheadericon How to Pass the 11th and 12th Grade in Nepal

How to Pass the 11th and 12th Grade in Nepal

Nepal is one of the countries situated in the South Asia . It’s an underdeveloped/developing country and due to the political instability in the country, the education policies are not kept up to date. Students of Nepal often have a hard time completing 11th and 12th grade (+2 education) with the pass percentage below 50%. This happens because in Nepal, 11th grade course is hard as the basic learning for 11th grade are not taught in 10th grade. In this article you’ll learn not only how to pass the 11th…

postheadericon How to Participate in a School Play

How to Participate in a School Play

Four Methods:Before the AuditionThe AuditionThe CallbacksThe Rehearsals, Dress Rehearsals, and PerformancesCommunity Q&A You’ve seen the posters. Your school is putting on a play and you would love to be in it! Whether this is your first time ever auditioning, or you’ve been in plays since Kindergarten, every step of the experience is here on this wikiHow article for you to learn. Method 1 Before the Audition 1 Find out everything you can. Get to know the director (if you don’t know them, just smile and wave when you see them…

postheadericon How to Paint Your Nails for School if You Are a Guy

How to Paint Your Nails for School if You Are a Guy

Four Parts:Before Painting Your NailsTools For Painting NailsPainting Your NailsFlaunting Your NailsCommunity Q&A While it’s uncommon, guys do paint their nails. If you wish to paint your nails and be able to ignore the teasing, read this article to find out how to stop (or at least cope) with some of the problems that come with this. Steps Part 1 Before Painting Your Nails 1 Understand that you are who you are, and no one else can change that. Do not allow other people’s opinions to prevent you from doing…

postheadericon How to Pack Your High School Bag

How to Pack Your High School Bag

Whether you’re just about to start high school, or you’re already in it, a properly packed bag will ensure that your high school experience will be at it’s best. A proper bag can help with management and organization, two crucially important aspects to successfully survive high school. High school is an important chapter in our lives, a good bag will go a long way. Steps 1 Buy a bag. Ideally, the best choice would be a backpack. However, some students prefer using messenger bags, tote bags, handbags, bookbags, etc. A…

postheadericon How to Painlessly Pop a Pimple

How to Painlessly Pop a Pimple

Three Methods:Popping Pimples PainlesslyTreating Pimples with HeatPreventing PimplesCommunity Q&A Even if the urge is strong, you shouldn’t rush to pop every pimple as it appears. Popping a pimple before it is ready can be painful and can leave unsightly scars on your skin. But with a little bit of patience and some hand tricks you can learn to pop your pimples safely, painlessly, and perfectly every time. Steps Method 1 Popping Pimples Painlessly 1 Know when a pimple is ready to be popped. Do not try to pop a pimple…

postheadericon How to Pack Your Tote Bag (Teens)

How to Pack Your Tote Bag (Teens)

A cute tote bag catches attention, but you want the inside to be organized and clean right? Then, continue on. Steps 1 Get a cute tote bag, you can buy some at Target, but do get one. 2 Pack your school supplies. Get a binder and some folders because folders are lighter. Put your planner, notebooks, etc. 3 Pack a pencil bag/pouch. Don’t just put some pencils in. Be more organized. Put in a geometry set, some pencils, some mechanical pencils, pens(black,blue,and red), highlighters, an eraser, a ruler, box of…

postheadericon How to Pack Your Backpack for the First Day of Freshmen Year

How to Pack Your Backpack for the First Day of Freshmen Year

Three Parts:Purchasing a BackpackPurchasing Your First Day’s SuppliesPacking Your BackpackCommunity Q&A Your first day as a Freshman in high school can be both stressful and exciting, especially when you’re worrying about first impressions and meeting friends. Fortunately, how to pack your bag doesn’t have to be another cause for alarm thanks to the practical wisdom gathered from decades of Freshman, first-day experiences. So, even if you’re feeling like a nervous mess, at least your backpack will be organized and ready! Steps Part 1 Purchasing a Backpack 1 Think long-term investment….

postheadericon How to Pack a Pencil Case

How to Pack a Pencil Case

A pencil case is an indispensable item if you are a student at school, or a working individual. It is a great tool for organizing and keeping equipment together, but what you put in it can either make or break your performance, so read on to discover what materials are negotiable and what is not! Steps 1 Locate a pencil case. A makeup bag will work, but you can also buy another kind of box or pouch. 2 Customize your pencil case, especially if the fabrics are plain. Sequins or…

postheadericon How to Pack an Emergency Bag for School

How to Pack an Emergency Bag for School

There are times when we all have a little trouble with school. This bag will help you with things like a runny nose, a sudden period, or dehydration. Steps 1 Grab a small makeup bag or purse and fill it with these essentials. The bag should be small enough to fit in your school bag or locker, but big enough to hold everything you need. 2 Body spray or perfume: You want to smell good at school, and you never know when you might suddenly have to run for PE…

postheadericon How to Act in High School

How to Act in High School

You can be amazing in high school if you follow these tips. Steps 1 Try to get 8-10 hours of sleep before school. 2 Always eat a good breakfast. Nothing like Pop-tarts or sugary cereals. Try to eat oatmeal or some fruit. 3 Always look your best. People say looks don’t matter, but they do to some extent. Make sure your clothes are clean, and if you’re feeling ambitious maybe you can even match your clothes. If you have to wear a uniform, try to make it unique to yourself….