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postheadericon How to Calculate Your Hourly Rate

How to Calculate Your Hourly Rate

Three Methods:Determining Your Hourly Rate if You’re Self-EmployedDetermining Your Hourly Rate if You’re SalariedUsing Advanced Calculations to Figure Your Hourly Rate From a SalaryCommunity Q&A For many, finding their hourly pay rate is as simple as looking at a recent pay stub. However, if you’re a salaried employee or are self-employed, calculating your hourly wage takes a few steps. You can calculate your hourly rate based on a single project, a certain period of time, or a salary. If using a salary, you can also figure in variables to get…

postheadericon How to Buy the Right Type of Roll Forming Lines

How to Buy the Right Type of Roll Forming Lines

When your company is seeking to purchase a roll forming production line, there are two very distinct types of roll forming equipment in the market today. There is the type which is designed for lightweight, mobile use at the work site (refer to as “WORK SITE” equipment) and the type which is in-house, heavy duty, bolted-to-a-concrete-floor, non-portable (refer to as “IN-PLANT” equipment). Since both types of roll forming production line have their place in the market — do you know which one is right for your company? 1 Determine the…

postheadericon How to Build the Perfect Freelance Writing Portfolio

How to Build the Perfect Freelance Writing Portfolio

Two Methods:Physical PortfolioOnline PortfolioCommunity Q&A Freelance writers, like other self-employed business-people, must attract clients. While others use a resume to sell their skills and experience, writers showcase their talents with a writing portfolio, a neatly packaged sampling of previous work. It’s not enough, however, to have great writing to show prospective clients. You must present it in a professional manner if you want to be hired. Showing up with a poorly constructed writing portfolio is like going to a job interview in a wrinkled suit. Method 1 Physical Portfolio 1…

postheadericon How to Build a Video Store Business

How to Build a Video Store Business

Technology has changed the way people watch television, gain access to movies and play games. However, not everyone has jumped on the download wagon. Video store businesses are still alive. Because the competition is more intense, it is important for store owners to learn how to build a video store business. 1 Find a good location for your business. You will need a building to rent or lease that is convenient for consumers. Most people will not go out of their way to a remote location. Business will be better…

postheadericon How to Build a Study Schedule for Adult Learners

How to Build a Study Schedule for Adult Learners

Four Methods:Blocking Off the Fixed Events on Your Working PlanBlocking Off the Variable Events on Your Working PlanSetting up Your Weekly Calendar for the TermUsing Your Weekly CalendarCommunity Q&A So you are heading back to college as an adult, an adult who has a life full of responsibilities before you receive your first syllabus. The speed at which college classes move is one of the biggest battles for working adults, making having a good study plan sorted out right from the beginning of classes an extremely important step. Moreover, it’s…

postheadericon How to Build a Resume when Still in School

How to Build a Resume when Still in School

Creating a resume is a difficult task at the best of times, but when you’re still at school, it can seem overwhelming. Landing a job in school can be the stepping stone to help build your professional life outside of school and a good source of income and social interactions until then. So how do you fill a resume when most of your time is spent in a classroom. 1 Review yourself. Being in school teaches you transferable skills to the workplace without you even knowing it. You have to…

postheadericon How to Build a Green Supply Chain

How to Build a Green Supply Chain

Being environmentally friendly can be a top priority for your business, but until you know how to build a green supply chain, you oftentimes can’t feasibly reach that goal. Find out how you can work with other businesses to reduce waste and improve the planet by putting best practices into effect that are good not only for your company but can be a popular business decision as well. 1 Realize that this will have to be a long-term change and not a passing fad. Creating and implementing a green supply…

postheadericon How to Build a Good Team for Business Success

How to Build a Good Team for Business Success

Two Parts:Choosing a location for team buildingSetting up team building exercisesCommunity Q&A Team building is a great way to enhance cooperation, interaction and performance within your business or company. Building a good team that can help to ensure business success requires setting aside time to focus specifically on team building exercises. This can be done as part of a hideaway or conference held off-site, in order to get away from the routine and interruptions being in the workplace usually bring. Even one day spent on team building can bring excellent…

postheadericon How to Break Eating Habits at Work

How to Break Eating Habits at Work

Last year, over 40 percent of American employees gained weight, according to a survey released by CareerBuilder(1a). At work, shifts in diet are not always due to a lack of food knowledge but instead a change in lifestyle. In fact, most employees report gaining weight due to inactivity, stress, eating out and workplace celebrations. But a busy life can also involve these situations, so what makes work so influential? 1 Understand social behavior spread: Behaviors, physical and mental, are social contagions, meaning they spread from one person to the next….

postheadericon How to Blog for Money

How to Blog for Money

Three Parts:Starting OutCultivating Your CraftBringing in the BucksCommunity Q&A Why blog for free when you can do it for money? What could be better than spending your time doing what you love on a public forum — and getting paid for it? While you have some stiff competition (who doesn’t have a blog these days?), the Internet always has room for the next big thing. We’ll start with finding the right platform and then dive into creating your unique product and raking in the Benjamins. Your future can and will…