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postheadericon How to Complain After a Bad Vacation

How to Complain After a Bad Vacation

Just had a holiday in which everything went wrong? Your hotel room faced a brick wall and not the view you specifically asked for? The garbage collection woke you at 4 am every night? The tour you thought was all-inclusive lacked key elements, such as transfers and meals? Your son caught the flu and your daughter broke a bone? Your wife went into labour early therefore forcing you to take out all your saved money to book her into hospital? The insurance company refused to cover baby fees? And to…

postheadericon How to Comfort Someone Who Has Just Been Car Sick

How to Comfort Someone Who Has Just Been Car Sick

If you have ever been Carsick, you will already be acquainted with the empty, drawn feeling that you get during the experience. Want to find out how to respond and comfort someone who is feeling that way? Read on to find out. 1 Take some baby wipes or tissues and gently wipe around their mouth, to remove any remainders of what they have just ridden themselves of. 2 Offer them a drink of water and a dry biscuit or cracker to soothe the possible pain in their stomach and throat….

postheadericon How to Choose Your Favorite Airline

How to Choose Your Favorite Airline

Four Methods:PriceComfortSafetyMaking the choiceCommunity Q&A Whether you’re taking a plane for a business trip, visiting family on the other side of the globe or backpack traveling around the world, choosing your favorite airline will depend on what it offers you by way of price, service, route, and flexibility. Here are some tips to assist your choice. 1 Compare and select online. You don’t need to rely on the travel agent anymore to make choices but you do need to do the legwork and research that your travel agent once did….

postheadericon How to Choose Travel Insurance

How to Choose Travel Insurance

Your travel bags? Check. Your airline tickets, your passport, and all traveling documents? Check. Your digital camera to capture the scenic moments? Check. You’re pretty sure everything you need to bring to your vacation spot is all ready for the trip. Everything’s secured, except you. 1 Understand the importance of having travel insurance. Travel insurance is more than just an addition to your travel expenses . Having travel insurance can protect you in various ways when you’re on a trip. It can protect you against financial loss if you are…

postheadericon How to Adopt a Traveling Lifestyle Broke

How to Adopt a Traveling Lifestyle Broke

Ever wonder about “hobos, homeless travelers or train hoppers”? Have you ever gotten tired of the day-to-day grind that is your life and wonder what it would be like to see the country, but faced with the constant reminder you have little money and/or to many obligations (i.e. bills/girlfriends/family)? Well look no further. You will learn the knowledge of train hopping, hitchhiking, flying sings, living in rainbow gatherings and hobo jobs. 1 So, you want to live utterly free? The territory you are about to embark on comes with its…

postheadericon How to Choose the Right Accommodation when Traveling and Maximize Your Budget

How to Choose the Right Accommodation when Traveling and Maximize Your Budget

If you are planning a trip, be it for a vacation, a business trip or just to assuage your wanderlust, there are a few key points to consider when you decide on where to stay. Here are the steps on how to choose the right accommodation for your trip to maximize your budget. 1 Set the goal for your trip. You may say it is something as general as a vacation or a business trip, but it is good to actually specify what you want. You may be traveling for…

postheadericon How to Choose a Travel Agent

How to Choose a Travel Agent

Planning a vacation abroad can be difficult so its best to find a travel agent to guide you from start to finish. Even if you want to travel within your own country, it is always best to speak to those who are familiar with transportation, lodging, costs and also able to guide you. 1 Consider choosing a travel agent online.Travel agents are not considered as often as in the past due the Internet. However, they are still a great resource for information and can provide you with an entire range…

postheadericon How to Choose a Travel Partner

How to Choose a Travel Partner

Traveling solo gives you the freedom to create your own schedule and do as you please. But when a trip reveals unexpected joys, adventures and challenges, oftentimes these things are best shared with another person who can relate to your situation, provide moral support and celebrate in the rewards of firsthand experience with unfamiliar locations and cultures. To ensure that a travel partner is one who can add value to your journey, choose a travel partner who has similar travel preferences and personality characteristics. 1 Seek travel partners who share…

postheadericon How to Choose a Traveling Companion

How to Choose a Traveling Companion

It’s disappointing to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip, only to find out you’re traveling with an incompatible traveling companion. Whether you’re venturing to a far away country to see the sites or visiting the spa in the next state for a relaxing week, the person you choose to spend this time with can make or break your vacation. Choosing a proper traveling companion is possible when you follow the tips provided. 1 Look for someone who has interests in common with you. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and your traveling companion…

postheadericon How to Choose a Luxury Hotel

How to Choose a Luxury Hotel

Booking a luxury hotel is the easy part––it’s the finding and choosing prior to the booking that can take hours and even days of investigation. Even when you’ve found what you think looks like the perfect hotel, how do you know that it’s the right one for your needs? Fortunately, it is possible to choose a luxury hotel with the minimum of fuss by knowing what to look out for before proceeding to booking. 1 Ask the right questions. Find the answers to these questions. If you do not like…