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postheadericon How to Survive a Delay (Air Travel)

How to Survive a Delay (Air Travel)

Oh no, a storm is brewing just before your flight and it is likely you will get a delay! What can you do? You have young kids screaming, it is in the late hours of the night and you’re tired or is in the early hours of the morning, so you’re still tired. Your patience is ready to break, since the delay is longer than you first expected. Don’t worry, this will help you survive. 1 Think positive. You must that it may be testing your patience, you need a…

postheadericon How to Become a Substitute Teacher in New York City

How to Become a Substitute Teacher in New York City

There are lots of opportunities for earning short term money as a substitute for New York Public schools, but be prepared for a two-month process to earn the reward! In the 2015-2016 school year, subs get $162.86 per day, and all you need is a bachelor’s degree and to complete the requirements below.[1] 1 Decide if you want to invest in the process. It will take about two to four months, patience with the Department of Education bureaucracy (DOE), and $416 for fees. 2 Visit the NYC DOE website for…

postheadericon How to Stop the Person in Front of You from Reclining Seat on a Plane

How to Stop the Person in Front of You from Reclining Seat on a Plane

You finally get comfortable in your seat, ready for a long flight, and then the passenger in front of you reclines his seat way back–so far back that now your knees are smashed by the tray table in front of you. Air travel can be annoying enough; however, having to sit in a contorted position from Dallas to L.A. because the guy in front of you wants to recline can be downright frustrating. There is a sneaky way to prevent that person from reclining into your knees (aside from just…

postheadericon How to Stay Healthy While Traveling in the Tropics

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling in the Tropics

Two Parts:Preparing to TravelKeeping Healthy In-CountryCommunity Q&A Travel is becoming increasingly less expensive and the world keeps gets smaller, spurring many people to explore their surroundings. Warm, tropical destinations are popular destinations to relax and unwind. However, tropical regions can also come with health hazards from insects and contaminated food or water.[1] But by taking some simple precautions, you can enjoy your vacation and minimize the risk of contracting an illness that requires treatment or medical attention. Part 1 Preparing to Travel 1 Get ready ahead of your trip. If…

postheadericon How to Spot a Pickpocket

How to Spot a Pickpocket

Generally, the key idea for pickpockets is to blend into the crowd. There’s always a way to spot a pickpocket, though. With the key points that you will find in this article, you’ll be able to notice pickpockets before they notice you. 1 Remember that most pickpockets try to blend into crowds. You won’t see pickpockets wearing bright, or irregular clothing. They will try to attract the least amount of attention towards themselves, so if you saw one, you wouldn’t make a second glance. 2 Note if they are always…

postheadericon How to Spend Time in the Airport when in Transit

How to Spend Time in the Airport when in Transit

Many people travel through airports. But, many people hate the arrival and departure, and even more so the waiting in between those. By following these instructions, you can kill time in the arrival hall or departure lounge without any problems. 1 Leave the aircraft. Let’s start with arrival. Follow the signs as well as teh other passengers, and together those should lead you off of the plane safely. 2 As you enter the airport, continue following signs. Don’t fuss or hurry, and give yourself plenty of time. If it is…

postheadericon How to Speak With an Australian Accent

How to Speak With an Australian Accent

Two Methods:Pronouncing Words in AustralianLearning the SlangCommunity Q&A While the “crocodile-hunter” accent is commonly associated with Australia, the every-day accent provides less of a dramatic emphasis when pronouncing words. Like any other country, there are a variety of accents and differences across Australia, but a few simple tricks can help you master a gentle, general Aussie accent to start with. Method 1 Pronouncing Words in Australian 1 Listen carefully to native speakers and their accents. The most commonly mimicked Aussie accent is a rough, messy, casual and animated style. The…

postheadericon How to Spend an Afternoon at the Airport with Your Children

How to Spend an Afternoon at the Airport with Your Children

This is not an article about flying anywhere. Rather, this is about spending time at the local airport for an educational and fun visit to watch what happens at the airport. Possibly this will work better where airports are not extremely busy, although that depends on the age and temperament of your children – and you! It is not recommended for children under the age of 7, as they will be less interested in learning and will possibly cause you to tear your hair out looking for them when they…

postheadericon How to Sell Travel Photos

How to Sell Travel Photos

You studied various camera techniques, you researched and purchased photographic equipment that would suit your trip. Your travels to exotic places and locals were everything you thought they’d be — and then some. Every new sight had to be perfectly recorded, so as to capture the very essence of this exact moment within time. You recognize a masterpiece and realize, you have arrived. Travel photography as never seen before. The depth of color and shade are exquisite, as hints of light dance over the primary elements you were focusing in…

postheadericon How to Sell a Nonrefundable Hotel Reservation on Roomer

How to Sell a Nonrefundable Hotel Reservation on Roomer

Have you every been stuck with a hotel reservation? Not being able to use it but having to pay for it anyway? That’s just a waste of money. You’ve come to the right place. This guide is for selling your nonrefundable hotel reservation on Roomer. 1 Make sure your reservation is non-refundable and prepaid, and that you will not be using it. Double check with the hotel that the reservation is in fact nonrefundable. If it turns out to be nonrefundable, you’ve come to the right place! 2 Visit Roomer….