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postheadericon How to Coach an Athlete

How to Coach an Athlete

When you create something, isn’t there a great feeling of bliss? Well that’s the feeling you get when you coach an athlete and see them win their first competition. It takes a lot of work from both parties, the coach and the athlete. Fortunately, in the end, it is most definitely worth it. 1 Differentiate age, genders, and skill levels to determine how you should approach coaching each member of the team. 2 Surround yourself with other good coaches. These coaches will often have good ideas and will be of…

postheadericon How to Coach U6 Soccer and Organize Your First Practice

How to Coach U6 Soccer and Organize Your First Practice

A guide for those who have somehow found themselves roped into coaching U6 soccer in spite of the fact that they have never played soccer or even watched a real soccer game. 1 Get a copy of your league’s rules. Your league may be sponsored by be your local county/city recreation department. 2 Get a copy of your team roster. This is a list of the players who have been assigned to your team. It usually has the following info re: each child: name, age or date of birth, uniform…

postheadericon How to Climb Aerial Silks

How to Climb Aerial Silks

Climbing aerial silks can be very difficult to many beginning or intermediate aerialists. However, it is essential to doing many of the aerial silks moves. 1 Find a certified climbing gym or place that has aerial silks. Do not use fabric you bought from the store, and do not make your own aerial silks at home without proper and certified equipment. For climbing aerial silks, make sure you aren’t wearing any jewelry. Yoga/tight fitting form pants and a long shirt that is form fitting or able to be tucked in…

postheadericon How to Clean a Golf Club

How to Clean a Golf Club

After a vigorous day of swinging, chipping, putting, and perhaps swearing, your golf clubs are likely to be worse for the wear. Cleaning them the right way is part of the natural cycle of golf ebb and flow. Not only will your clubs last longer, but you may find that your performance will improve with smooth shafts of steel and graphite. Who knows? You may even find the process enjoyable. 1 Mix warm water and mild dish soap in a medium or large bucket. The water shouldn’t be too hot…

postheadericon How to Advertise a Yoga Class

How to Advertise a Yoga Class

Getting the word out about your yoga class is similar to publicizing any product or service – you must have a compelling call-to-action in your advertisement that makes potential customers interested enough to learn what makes you different from the competition. Promotional tactics can range from fliers strategically placed at health food stores to coupon giveaways consisting of a free day pass. When you advertise a yoga class, clearly state the benefits of attending as well as the cost, time and of course, location. 1 Consider the different methods of…

postheadericon How to Advance to a Yellow Belt in American Kenpo Karate

How to Advance to a Yellow Belt in American Kenpo Karate

Tired of that white “surrender” flag around your waist? Here is what you should do to advance to a yellow belt in American Kenpo karate. 1 Know your basics. Basics include: Stances: attention, horse, meditating horse, fighting stance, bracing forward bow, directional forward bow, cat; Switches: hop switch, front-to-back switch, back-to-front switch; Blocks: inward, extended outward, vertical outward, upward, downward, push-down, hammering inward, thrusting inward; Kicks: front ball, side, roundhouse, hook; Strikes: horizontal punch, vertical punch, double punch, back elbow, horizontal elbow- inward and outward, hand sword- inward and outward,…

postheadericon How to Circuit Train in the Gym

How to Circuit Train in the Gym

Are you looking into the doors of that gym but have no idea about how to get started? A good way to begin is by undertaking circuit training. This article has been tagged as a stub. That means it’s off to a good start, but still has room to grow into a more helpful resource. Until the article reaches its full potential, it will be hidden from search results. Can you help it flourish? If you think the article offers complete and accurate instructions, feel free to remove this tag….

postheadericon How to Chop Wood

How to Chop Wood

Three Methods:Chopping Wood with an AxeSplitting Stubborn Pieces of Wood with a WedgeUsing a Hydraulic WoodsplitterCommunity Q&A Many people look at the sharpened wedge at the end of a handle and think there’s nothing to chopping wood. You simply take your axe in hand, bring it up over your head, and swing, right? Without the right form, you might finish a day of chopping wood not having accomplished much more than making your back sore. Even worse, with poor form you could end up seriously hurting yourself. Keep yourself safe…

postheadericon How to Choose Which Mud Run to Attend

How to Choose Which Mud Run to Attend

The mud run phenomenon has blown up in the past 3 years and isn’t going away anytime soon. With the increasing number of options, this article is intended to help you understand the differences between runs and guide you on basic steps to choose the mud run that is right for you. 1 Identify runs in your area. Unless you are willing to travel (which many people do once they become addicted to mud runs) search Google for mud runs in your area. Many mud run companies travel from city…

postheadericon How to Choose Which Gym to Join

How to Choose Which Gym to Join

There are many gyms out there. So how do you choose the right one? 1 Find out what gyms are around you. Make sure the gyms you are looking into are close to your daily routine. It is surprising how much you will avoid the gym if you do not pass it everyday. 2 Find out if your friends belong to a gym. Get their recommendations. Do they hate their gym? Love it? Have a schedule similar to yours so you two can partner up in your workouts? 3 Find…