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postheadericon How to Compete Level Six in Gymnastics

How to Compete Level Six in Gymnastics

If you’re a gymnast, you know how hard gymnastics can be. It is one of the hardest sports in the world, both mentally and physically. Level six is the hardest level to get high scores. This article will help you get 36.0 AA’s. Ad This article would benefit from step-by-step photos. You can help wikiHow by adding photos to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2015-12-14. Steps 1 If you are finished competing level 5 start working on all the level 6 skills, preparing for the next…

postheadericon How to Communicate With Your Soccer Teammates on the Field

How to Communicate With Your Soccer Teammates on the Field

Two Methods:Verbal CommunicationHand SignalsCommunity Q&A When people begin playing soccer, they often wonder about the talk used on the field. Their teammates will shout commands to help coordinate efforts and these may be difficult to understand at first. The commands should be explained to you by your coach and/or teammates. Continue at step one to learn some of the commands. Method 1 Verbal Communication 1 Say either “cross” or “square”. When you are on the right or on the left of a player and open to receive a pass, use…

postheadericon How to Commute By Bicycle

How to Commute By Bicycle

One Methods:Choosing a Commuter BikeCommunity Q&A After an initial investment of purchasing a bicycle, you’ll realize that biking is a very inexpensive mode of transportation. You’ll save money on gas and car maintenance, you’ll get in great shape, and your coworkers will think you’re awesome. Why not skip the traffic jam and walk into your workplace with an endorphin rush? 1 Find a safe and pleasant route. Don’t just assume that the route you drive to work is the best route for biking. Often the best bike route includes back…

postheadericon How to Come Off Your Line to Get a Cross in Soccer

How to Come Off Your Line to Get a Cross in Soccer

So you’ve just started goalkeeping and are amateurish at it, and you do not know when or how to collect a cross. this wikiHow article not only tells you how to collect a cross, but also when to collect it and which crosses are suitable to collect. 1 Know which of the crosses are “collectible”. Just because you are a goalkeeper, you cannot collect any cross inside the “D” area. You need to know which type of crosses you can collect. Although this generally improves through practice, there are certain…

postheadericon How to Come up from a Back Bend

How to Come up from a Back Bend

Back bends are an important part to gymnastics and dance. They’re required in lots of advanced skills, so without knowing how to do a backbend, gymnastics could become very difficult! To do this you already need to know how to fall back into a bridge. Keep practicing each step and you will have your backbend in no time! 1 Go into bridge position. 2 Put your weight on your knees. 3 Use your legs to pull yourself up while you rock on your toes. 4 If you can’t pull yourself…

postheadericon How to Collect Water From Plants

How to Collect Water From Plants

Two Methods:Getting Plant-Respirated WaterExtracting Water Directly from the PlantCommunity Q&A Whether you’re trying to conserve water or just concerned about running out in an emergency, knowing how to collect drinkable water from plants is a skill that can come in handy. You can gather water from your plant without damaging it via plant-respirated water vapor, or you can cut into it and extract the water that’s naturally inside. Both methods work well, though the water vapor strategy is best if you don’t know whether the plant is toxic or not….

postheadericon How to Coach Young Soccer Players to Take a Penalty

How to Coach Young Soccer Players to Take a Penalty

What help and tactical guidance can you, as a soccer coach for a team of youngsters, give to your players so that they can take penalty shots effectively? This article gives you some useful tips for coaching this skill. 1 What is the best tactic to coach players to try when taking a penalty? Should players wait for the goalkeeper to move or hit it low and hard into the bottom corner without looking at the goalkeeper? 2 Research carried out by Liverpool John Moores University in the UK suggests…

postheadericon How to Coach Gymnastics

How to Coach Gymnastics

Three Parts:Becoming a gymnastics instructorConnecting with the gymnastsTeaching a classCommunity Q&A Becoming a gymnastics coach is a great way to stay fit, interact with kids, and earn money at the same time. It’s a complicated process, but can be approached by breaking it down to address the basics, learning how to connect well with your pupils and understanding the necessary teaching skills. Each area is explained in the following article. Part 1 Becoming a gymnastics instructor 1 Learn about gymnastics. The first step in becoming a gymnastics instructor is to…

postheadericon How to Coach Youth Basketball

How to Coach Youth Basketball

Three Methods:Preparing YourselfMeeting Your PlayersPutting Your Knowledge to WorkCommunity Q&A Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, enjoyed by participants of all ages. And as with any sport enjoying steady growth, good coaches are in constant demand. The challenges basketball coaches face vary depending on several factors, and one of the most significant of these is the target age group. Coaches hoping to make a positive impact on young basketball players need to make sure their message is clear while ensuring that the game remains fun….

postheadericon How to Coach Youth Soccer

How to Coach Youth Soccer

Youth soccer at a beginning level, indoor or outdoor, is a very fun sport to coach. Many lessons can be learned from being a coach, and you can experience the joy of being with the youth and teaching them something new. 1 Form a team or join a team already created. It usually helps if you know at least one player on the team and can make a connection. Also, this allows for the league to see you are not a random person, but have a vested interest in the…