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postheadericon How to Cross Rivers Safely

How to Cross Rivers Safely

Two Methods:Crossing AloneCrossing with a GroupCommunity Q&A Some methods and tips for crossing rivers. Method 1 Crossing Alone 1 Use a strong pole or stick about five or six feet in length as support, placing it on your upstream side so that the current forces it into the bottom. 2 Always keep two points of contact on the river bed at all times and cross diagonally downstream, resisting the current much like you would a strong wind. 3 Take shuffling footsteps, feeling for the bottom. Try not to look down…

postheadericon How to Cross Train

How to Cross Train

Cross training is the concept of including many, and more importantly, a variety of activities in your workout. The added variety works different systems and/or sections and therefore provides a balanced workout. It also keeps you from getting bored and increases the chances of sticking to your program. 1 Realistically analyze your level of physical fitness and scale the intensity of every workout to levels you can handle. As usual consider consulting a physician before starting a new workout routine. 2 Make a list of activities available to you and…