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postheadericon How to Analyze Fingerprints

How to Analyze Fingerprints

Dermatoglyphics is the study of skin ridges, and particularly fingerprints. Your fingerprints form while you are still in the womb, and don’t change during your life. Since they are fixed, they can be used to diagnosis some genetic disorders, and are also used in advanced palm reading. In palm reading they are used as indicators of how a person thinks. Steps 1 Learn to recognize each type of pattern. Each pattern is associated with a basic meaning. In order of commonality, the patterns are: Common loop (opens toward thumb) –…

postheadericon How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Switch Churches

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Switch Churches

Throughout life, chances are that you’ll have a disagreement with one or both parents, and it may be a religious and spiritual one. These things are personal enough, but they become even more so when a parent refuses to let you go to a church you like. How do you peacefully solve this conflict? Steps 1 Ask why they object to your attendance. This may not be because of a disagreement. It could be anything from that to distance, to almost anything else. Find out what they don’t like, and…

postheadericon How to Analyze an out of Body Experience

How to Analyze an out of Body Experience

An out of body experience is characterized by a force pulling your soul or current perspective to a place existing apart from the physical body. Contrary to beliefs, they can occur at any given time, not just while you’re asleep or near death. Some people even report a mysterious departure from their body while they’re driving, frantically struggling to get back into their original position. Fortunately, these events rarely elicit any serious injury or serve to jeopardize the passengers safety. Many factors can increase the likelihood of such an event,…

postheadericon How to Convert to Unitarian Universalism

How to Convert to Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism is a small but established religion that does not give its members set answers about what to believe. Its members work for a better world and enjoy a wide diversity of opinions . Many people come to Unitarian Universalism because they want a religion for themselves or their children that doesn’t scare or patronize them, while still providing community and a chance each week to look at the “big picture” of life or engage with pressing social issues. In the UK the Church is known as the Unitarian…

postheadericon How to Convert to Hinduism

How to Convert to Hinduism

Three Parts:Becoming a Follower of HinduismConnecting with the Hindu CommunityUnderstanding Hindu BeliefsCommunity Q&A Hinduism is the major religion of India and Nepal, with its teachings reaching as far as Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. As a spiritual philosophy, Hinduism concerns itself with the refinement of one’s karma, or moral uprightness, in order to break the cycle of samsara, the endless repetition of birth, death and reincarnation. Unlike many major religions, Hinduism does not adhere to any strict concept of orthodoxy, and therefore converting to the Hindu faith is as easy…

postheadericon How to Convert to a New Religion

How to Convert to a New Religion

You don’t feel right with your religion? You’re having doubts of the beliefs you were brought up in? Follow these simple techniques to find and convert to a new religion. Steps 1 Study, read, and learn! Be open-minded and read everything you can find on religion. 2 Meditate daily and ask for insight from whatever or whomever you believe in. If you are having doubts about a higher power, then simply contemplate in focused concentration. 3 Be prepared and ask yourself “is this the religion that’s right for me?” Keep…

postheadericon How to Convert to Christianity

How to Convert to Christianity

One Methods:Two Simple KeysCommunity Q&A So you’ve been thinking and you want to convert to Christianity. These are a few steps to help you learn how to convert. Steps 1 Start with exploration: visit different Christian meetings, churches in your area, and see how you feel. Conversion is a journey that you may start out with one congregation or a home Bible study group and then decide to go to another. Do not depend or rely on what others do, if you would receive Jesus Christ. 2 Get a Bible….

postheadericon How to Convert People to a New Religion

How to Convert People to a New Religion

In an ever changing world of increasing openness and globalism, people are reaching across boundaries and continents to renew or realign their personal beliefs. You may believe that your religion may serve people well and you wish to ensure you are able transmit your message across effectively. This may facilitate people to convert from one religion to another, to find a destiny that will be meaningful to themselves. Steps 1 Be familiar with your own religion first. Be familiar with the various strains, denominations and dialectical differences of your own…

postheadericon How to Convert a Muslim to Christianity

How to Convert a Muslim to Christianity

Converting anyone to Christianity is hard enough. But we also know, as Christians, that anything is possible through Jesus Christ. Our main duty is to not get discouraged by missteps or failures. We have to put our trust in the Lord first and allow Him to direct our steps. Steps 1 Have a clear reason to convert this person. Why do you want to convert this person to Christianity? Do you want to prove something to others? Do you feel obligated to do it? Has God put this desire in…

postheadericon How to Convert a Christian to Islam

How to Convert a Christian to Islam

The steps in How to Convert a Muslim to Christianity seem pretty clear and well thought out and of obvious use. However, if a Muslim were converted to Christianity it may be possible that later on he may discover that the one true religion was in fact Islam. If this occurs, simply follow all the steps in the above article but replace Jesus Christ with Mohammed and Christianity with Islam. To make sure that this article is as accurate as possible, let us go through each step and apply the…