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postheadericon How to Compare Pet Insurance Companies

How to Compare Pet Insurance Companies

If you are thinking about getting pet insurance to protect your cat or dog you want to be able to get the best plan possible to fit your pets health needs. Comparing pet insurance plans and rates can take a lot of time, so here are some important factors to look for when shopping for your pet insurance provider. 1 Look to see how long the company has been in the pet insurance industry, and if they have a strong customer reputation backed by credible sources, such as the North…

postheadericon How to Communicate With Your Dog

How to Communicate With Your Dog

Five Parts:Understanding Dog BehaviorReading Your Dog’s Body LanguageRecognizing Your Dog’s Face and Head SignalsInterpreting Your Dog’s VocalizationsExpressing Human CommunicationCommunity Q&A Whether you have a new canine companion or you and your dog have been together for a while, it’s helpful to know the meaning of your dog’s communication signals so that you can adjust your own behavior as needed and so that you can be assured of your dog’s feelings. Dogs make vocalizations and gestures using their face and body just as humans do in order to express their feelings….

postheadericon How to Comfort Your Sick Dog

How to Comfort Your Sick Dog

Two Parts:General ApproachesMaking Their Bed ComfortableCommunity Q&A Has your dog fallen ill? Caring for a sick dog takes a lot of work, and you’ll likely need to get them to a vet and follow the vet’s instructions for how to help them heal. If you want to provide your dog comfort during this process, the following steps can come in handy. Part 1 General Approaches 1 Figure out what’s wrong with your dog. Call your veterinarian, or a nearby pet clinic. Schedule an appointment. Try maintaining a relationship with a…

postheadericon How to Communicate with Animals

How to Communicate with Animals

Three Methods:Observing Your PetListening to Your Pet’s VocalizationsCommunicating With Your PetCommunity Q&A Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or feeling? Have you ever tried to figure out what he is trying to tell you? Do you sometimes wish that your pet could talk to you with words? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be looking for ways to not only understand your pet’s communication, but also communicate back to him. Animals (including humans) use their bodies and vocal chords in many different…

postheadericon How to Comfort a Dying Dog

How to Comfort a Dying Dog

Two Methods:Comforting Your Dog at HomeComforting Your Dog at the VetCommunity Q&A Although it is a natural part of life, it is never easy saying goodbye to your beloved canine companion. During this stage of life, you will want to make your dog as comfortable as possible. The comfort you provide throughout this potentially frightening situation will make the transition easier for your dog and bring you peace of mind as well. Method 1 Comforting Your Dog at Home 1 Stay patient with your dog. Older dogs commonly begin experiencing…

postheadericon How to Collect a Urine Sample from a Female Dog

How to Collect a Urine Sample from a Female Dog

Two Methods:Preparing the ContainerCollecting the Urine SampleCommunity Q&A Your vet may request a urine sample for a variety of reasons. Urine analysis is an easy, non-invasive way of checking for urinary infections, as well as detecting problems such as diabetes mellitus or kidney disease. A urine sample can also help to check for urinary crystals which could irritate the bladder lining. Collecting urine from a female dog is a bit trickier than from a male dog, but with a little forward planning it can be done smoothly and efficiently. Method…

postheadericon How to Collapse a Dog Crate

How to Collapse a Dog Crate

Two Parts:Preparing the CrateDisassembling the CrateCommunity Q&A Collapsible metal dog crates are a great way to have a secure place for your dog while you are traveling. They are reasonably light-weight, making them easy to carry and transport. They are also easy to clean, providing your dog with a clean, comfortable, and secure home away from home. In order to use a collapsible dog crate you simply need to know how to put it together and then how to collapse it when you are done using it. Part 1 Preparing…

postheadericon How to Clicker Train Your Dog

How to Clicker Train Your Dog

Two Parts:Preparing to Clicker Train Your DogTraining Your Dog With a ClickerCommunity Q&A Clicker training is a popular way to train your dog and reward his good behavior. It can be fun for you and your dog and often produces quick and effective results.[1] Clicker training is based on the scientific concept that an animal will continue to do a behavior that is rewarded.[2] Once your dog understands what the clicker is all about, you will be able to teach him all kinds of tricks with plenty of rewards along…

postheadericon How to Clean Up Dog Diarrhea

How to Clean Up Dog Diarrhea

Two Methods:Cleaning Diarrhea From a Solid SurfaceCleaning Diarrhea From a CarpetCommunity Q&A It’s what any dog owner dreads: you get up in the morning only to discover that the dog has had an upset stomach overnight and there is diarrhea all over your floor. Cleaning up this kind of mess the correct way is very important because stains look unsightly and you don’t want the bad smell to linger in your house. In addition, any lingering odor could draw the dog back to the same spot to use it as…

postheadericon How to Clean Up Dog Waste from a Backyard

How to Clean Up Dog Waste from a Backyard

Two Parts:Making a Dog Waste Pick-Up PlanKeeping the Yard Free of Dog WasteCommunity Q&A Cleaning up dog waste from a garden, backyard, yard area or around the farm is important for maintaining hygiene. Removing dog waste promptly from areas where people work, move and play will reduce the chances of stepping in it, coming into direct contact with it (such as a child playing with it) and passing on disease or parasites to humans or other animals. Regular dog waste removal also reduces the likelihood of fly infestations and ensures…