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postheadericon How to Apply Body Spray

How to Apply Body Spray

Want to smell nice all over? Using a body spray can give you a long lasting nice fragrance. 1 Take the cap off the can, if it has one. 2 Point the can at the part of your body you wish to spray, and hold it at least six inches from the surface. Any closer and it will get wet. You can hold it from farther if you want to spread out the smell. 3 Press down on the button as far as it goes and hold for just a…

postheadericon How to Create a Signature Look

How to Create a Signature Look

Everyone has a look. From preppy to goth to athletic, you have a look. If it’s layering or something basic, you can make it work. Just follow these steps to get a signature look.If you need ideas for what to make your look, here are some simple ones: Sporty, Artsy, Musical, Floral, Gothic, Emo, Geeky/Nerdy, Bold, Trend-Setter, Flirty, Cute, Eco, Dreamer, Social Butterfly, Daredevil. There’s so much more, yours could be something not on this list, as long as it is ‘you’ and creative! 1 Figure out what you are….

postheadericon How to Create Arabic Mehndi Design in Minutes

How to Create Arabic Mehndi Design in Minutes

Applying mehndi or henna on hands and feet has been a tradition that has been going on for thousands of years, originating from the Middle East countries and spreading to Asian countries. It is a form of tattooing the skin but in the natural way. The Arabic mehndi design is the easiest to make as it starts from one end of the palm and diagonally moving covers one finger. The designs are mostly floral and the lines are thicker than the ones in bridal mehndi. Here’s a design you can…

postheadericon How to Apply Avocado Oil

How to Apply Avocado Oil

Five Methods:Making a hair shampoo from avocado oilMaking a skin rub from avocado oilMaking a facial mask from avocado oilMaking an age spot massage lotionMaking a bath oilCommunity Q&A Avocados are an oval-shaped fruit with a dark green outer skin, a light green interior and a large pit. The oil extracted from the avocado through cold pressing is extremely rich and beneficial to the skin and hair.[1] The oil contains vitamin A, D and E as well as lecithin and potassium. Avocado oil also contains a number of proteins and…

postheadericon How to Apply a Spray Underarm Deodorant

How to Apply a Spray Underarm Deodorant

The best time to put deodorant spray on is when you have first gotten out of the shower, or are getting changed. If you put it on while still fully clothed, you risk it staining your shirt, or just plain making a mess. This article explains how to apply spray underarm deodorant. 1 Dry your armpits. If you are just out of the shower, get dry before you apply deodorant. If you are applying deodorant after changing but have not showered, you may like to ensure your armpits are dry…

postheadericon How to Create a Pregnancy Wardrobe for the Autumn Season

How to Create a Pregnancy Wardrobe for the Autumn Season

This must be a challenge now facing pregnant working women heading into autumn as office clothing is typically made of non-stretchy fabrics. We hope you find this article useful with tips on buying maternity clothes for the autumn season. 1 Start with the perennial office staple; the shift dress. Your new LBMD (Little Black Maternity Dress). Simply add a crisp white collared shirt underneath for an instant corporate look (you can even leave it unbuttoned underneath – no one will ever know). 2 Layer a tee in the same color…

postheadericon How to Apply Almond Oil to Hair

How to Apply Almond Oil to Hair

Two Methods:Wet HairDry HairCommunity Q&A Almond oil contains all kinds of healthy ingredients for hair like Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E and magnesium. Using almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair, and is optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair. A few drops go a long way to add silkiness and shine & nourish the scalp. Use pure almond oil; most store brands contain only a small percentage of almond oil and a large proportion of petroleum paraffins. Method 1 Wet Hair 1 Get your hair wet and…

postheadericon How to Apply Amla Oil

How to Apply Amla Oil

Amla oil is used as a treatment for dry; thinning and graying hair. The oil comes from the fruit of the amla tree, grown in India, where it is regarded as a sacred embodiment of Mother Earth. Trees were worshipped for their rejuvenating fruit, which is said to have 20 times the amount of vitamin C than that found in orange juice. Applying amla oil to your hair provides it with a protective coating and a healthy shine. The steps below tell you how to apply it. 1 Part your…

postheadericon How to Accessorize a Polka Dot Dress

How to Accessorize a Polka Dot Dress

Three Methods:Matching the AccessoriesClothing AccessoriesOther Specific AccessoriesCommunity Q&A Polka dot dresses are whimsical, girlish, and playful. This bold print dress should be the focal point of your outfit, so your accessories need to complement it rather than compete with it. The right accessories will either accentuate the girlishness of the dress or break up the monotony of the pattern with subtle doses of solid color. Method 1 Matching the Accessories 1 Choose a color to build your accessories around. Typically, it is best to match the color of your accessories…

postheadericon How to Create a No Makeup Makeup Look

How to Create a No Makeup Makeup Look

For those who are less adventurous with their makeup, are younger, or just don’t have the means to buy loads of makeup, don’t realize that the “natural” look can be taken one step further- a “no makeup” makeup look. This simple, 5-minute face will give you a flawless natural complexion and added confidence you never knew you had. 1 Keep your skin healthy! Though this may not seem like a valid step, it truly is. Keep healthy, clean, and moisturized skin for an even better result with this look. 2…