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postheadericon How to Clean Your Ear Piercing

How to Clean Your Ear Piercing

Three Methods:Cleaning New PiercingsMaintaining Healthy Ear PiercingsCleaning Infected Ear PiercingsCommunity Q&A Ear piercings are a popular fashion accessory for many men and women. Though they are less risky than other body piercings, ear piercings can still come with complications. To avoid getting a painful infection, it is important to learn how to clean your new ear piercings and how to maintain them once they have healed. Method 1 Cleaning New Piercings 1 Clean your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. You have to be sure that your ears don’t get exposed…

postheadericon How to Clean Your Hands

How to Clean Your Hands

Cleaning your hands is hygienic and should be done before and/or after doing activities such as, going to the toilet, cooking, touching an animal, eating or cleaning. This article will tell you how to thoroughly wash your hands so they are left clean and fresh. 1 Making sure you have soap nearby, turn the tap on to a comfortable temperature. 2 Wet your hands and squirt some soap onto your hand (alternatively use a bar of soap) thoroughly massaging the soap in between your fingers and all over the back…

postheadericon How to Clean Your Feet

How to Clean Your Feet

Two Methods:Washing Your Feet in a TubWashing Your Feet in the ShowerCommunity Q&A Unclean feet can be a health danger resulting in dermatitis, fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, foot odor, yellow or ingrown toenails, or infection of cuts and sores. [1] Although your feet may not look particularly dirty, it is recommended that you wash your feet daily. Keeping your feet clean and dry is an effective way to prevent these health issues. Method 1 Washing Your Feet in a Tub 1 Fill a small tub with warm water….

postheadericon How to Clean Your Penis

How to Clean Your Penis

Two Methods:Cleaning an Uncircumcised PenisWashing a Circumcised PenisCommunity Q&A Irritation, infections, and unpleasant odors are just a few of the health conditions that can occur if you fail to maintain good hygiene habits for your penis and sexual health.[1] Cleaning your penis after sex can also help reduce your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI).[2] Hygiene practices will be slightly different between circumcised and uncircumcised men, but both are essentially similar. Learning how to properly clean your penis can help you maintain optimal health and cleanliness. Method 1…

postheadericon How to Clean Swarovski Crystals

How to Clean Swarovski Crystals

Three Methods:Cleaning with a Dry Lint-Free ClothCleaning with Mild Dish SoapKeeping Swarovski Crystal Jewelry CleanCommunity Q&A Swarovski crystals make stunning jewelry, but keeping them clean may be a challenge sometimes. Swarovski crystals have a thin protective gold or rhodium plating, which limits the jewelry cleaning methods that can be safely used. [1] Fortunately, there are some simple strategies you can use to care for Swarovski crystal jewelry. Use the dry cloth method for general maintenance and light cleaning or use the dish soap method for occasional deep cleaning. Keep reading…

postheadericon How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Three Parts:Cleaning With the Electrolyte MethodRemoving Tarnish From Delicate SilverPreventing TarnishCommunity Q&A Sterling silver isn’t pure (pure silver is known as fine silver) but rather an alloy that contains about 10 percent of another metal, such as copper. Silver is actually a very soft metal, so it’s combined with other metals to make it stronger and more functional. Sterling silver is often used for cutlery, serving utensils, jewelry, accessories such as hair clips, and even business tools like letter openers. The silver that’s in sterling silver can tarnish when it…

postheadericon How to Clean Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gold Jewelry

How to Clean Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gold Jewelry

Two Methods:Clean the Golden Areas of the JewelryClean the Sleeping Beauty TurquoiseCommunity Q&A Turquoise is best known for its use in jewelry and decorative items. There is a good variety of gemstones available all across the world, and one of the most valued members of the turquoise family is Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Although cleaning of Sleeping Beauty turquoise jewelry is not a difficult task, one must know what to do to avoid damaging the jewelry. If you want to clean your jewelry, read on! Most turquoise jewelry comes with settings…

postheadericon How to Clean Toe Nails

How to Clean Toe Nails

Two Parts:Cleaning Your Toe NailsRemoving Toe Nail FungusCommunity Q&A Cleaning and maintaining your toe nails is an integral part of proper foot care. Since your feet are often out of sight and out of mind, it is easy to ignore the buildup of dirt and grime under your toe nails. Establishing toe nail grooming habits is an important aspect of your overall hygiene. It will also help you prevent toe nail-related healthcare issues and increase your level of comfort. Part 1 Cleaning Your Toe Nails 1 Wash your feet. Before…

postheadericon How to Cleanse and Tone Skin with Kitchen Ingredients

How to Cleanse and Tone Skin with Kitchen Ingredients

Five Parts:Cleansing with oatmealToning with tea and vinegarUsing a facial scrubUsing a face maskCombining the aboveCommunity Q&A This is a natural skin care solution to help cleanse and tone your skin using basic ingredients from the kitchen. This skin care regime is easy to put together and feels great after use. Ad Ingredients Yogurt Honey Pure cane sugar (granulated) Green tea Apple cider vinegar Oatmeal Steps Part 1 Cleansing with oatmeal 1 Cleanse your face twice a day with oatmeal. Grab a handful of it from the bag and close…

postheadericon How to Clean Pine Pitch from Your Skin

How to Clean Pine Pitch from Your Skin

Two Methods:Cleaning Hands with Peanut ButterUsing Other SolutionsCommunity Q&A Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Christmas means Christmas trees and boughs that get pitch on hands. There are many ways to remove the sticky stuff. Some common and easy removal methods are discussed below. Method 1 Cleaning Hands with Peanut Butter 1 Get a jar of peanut butter. 2 Get a tablespoon. 3 Pull out a gob of peanut butter and place it directly on your palms with the tablespoon. If the pine pitch is…