postheadericon How to Apply for a Blue Badge Online in the UK

How to Apply for a Blue Badge Online in the UK

Two Parts:Applying OnlineParking with a Blue BadgeCommunity Q&A In the UK, Blue Badges are specifically for disabled road users to help them park closer to where they are going. If you are eligible for one it can make your life a lot easier. Start with step one to learn how to apply for a Blue Badge. Part 1 Applying Online 1 Gather the materials you need. You’ll need a digital passport photo, your driving licence number (if you have one), your national insurance number, proof of ID, certified proof of…

postheadericon How to Create Good Personalities for Your Characters

How to Create Good Personalities for Your Characters

Two Methods:Sample Character DescriptionsCreating Personalities for Your Own CharactersCommunity Q&A You’re on a plane to a distant country to visit some weird old relatives you are somehow related to. In your hands, you hold a book that your friend recommended. But wait…as you begin to read you realize that the characters are really boring! This is a typical scenario, probably familiar to a lot of readers out there. You, a writer, can help those readers by creating a story with likable, realistic characters! This step-by-step guide will give you pointers…

postheadericon How to Create Good Study Habits for Exams

How to Create Good Study Habits for Exams

Two Methods:Study HelpStudy SchedulesCommunity Q&A Taking exams can lead to stress and anxiety if you have not studied during the year because you will find yourself cramming for each test and studying late into the night. With a little time management during the school year, you not only minimize stress at exam time, but maximize productivity and results. 1 Buy an extra notebook for each subject at the beginning of the year so that as you finish a chapter in class, you can immediately write notes and summaries in that…

postheadericon How to Create Horror Monsters

How to Create Horror Monsters

So you want to write this amazing Horror novel, but you just don’t know exactly what its going to be about, but you know its has something to do with monsters/demons. Well here’s how you can make that monster or demon! 1 Know your greatest fears. Know what makes you stay up all night, makes you think wrong, and makes you want to puke, scream, and whine. 2 Choose your most horrific creatures, list them out, and repeat until you have at least 4 left(if you have enough to support…

postheadericon How to Create Folders on an iPad

How to Create Folders on an iPad

As with the computer and iPhone, folders are a useful means for organizing your information. If you have an iPad with iOS 4.2, you’ll be able to create folders and reduce the level of screens you need to search to find what you’re looking for. Here is how to create them. 1 Tap on any application icon that you want to go into a folder. Hold down the application icon; it will start bouncing shortly. 2 Once it bounces, drag the application icon over another application icon on the screen….

postheadericon How to Create Good Sims That Are Fun

How to Create Good Sims That Are Fun

Are you new to the Sims? Are you bored with your other towns? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then read on! NOTE: If you have expansion packs, then creating a Sim will be better and more fun! 1 Start a new town, then enter Create a Sim mode. This will allow you to make Sims. 2 Edit the starting Sim as much as you would like. You can change its clothes, skin colour, and other stuff as much as you would like! 3 When you are…

postheadericon How to Create Funny Pictures Online with Funny.Pho.To!

How to Create Funny Pictures Online with Funny.Pho.To!

There are lots of places you can go to add that special ‘something’ to your pictures and software that will help. Funny Pho.To is one of those places. Check out all of the amazing templates that you can use or even add to! 1 Go to Funny Pho.To and look around. 2 Find a photo you want to use. You want to make sure that it is big enough. Otherwise, it can get pretty pixelated as it stretches out. Another option is to use a template that requires a smaller…

postheadericon How to Create HTML5 Page Flip from Your PDF Publication

How to Create HTML5 Page Flip from Your PDF Publication

Creating a HTML5 page flip from your pdf publications that works on mobile phone devices can be quite a challenge. It can take weeks to months if you are starting from scratch , but don’t worry there are a few libraries out there that can hugely assist with this. If you are here to create great page flips either for your magazine or catalog then continue reading. Ad This article would benefit from step-by-step photos. You can help wikiHow by adding photos to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice…

postheadericon How to Create Gifographics

How to Create Gifographics

Recently we have seen that gifographics is coming in the online marketing world. It is same with infographic that is a creative way of presenting your data but the main difference is that in gifographic there is some movements in the important parts of your infographic. So, it is simply an animated type of infographic or save as a gif file. Below are the steps in making a gifographic. An important note before starting to create a gifographic: be sure that the size of it is fitted to where you…

postheadericon How to Create Icy Tower Characters (Advanced Palette Editing)

How to Create Icy Tower Characters (Advanced Palette Editing)

Icy Tower is one of the most addictive arcade games out there. The goal in Icy Tower is to get as high as you can, by jumping and making combos. It’s downloadable at [1] . You can start with the characters Harold the Homeboy, Disco Dave, and a template file of Harold. The game is nice, but only two characters and a template? That will get boring. You can download characters at the main page noticed before. But some people want to make their own character. You can do this…

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