postheadericon How to Apply Coconut Oil for Healthier Hair

How to Apply Coconut Oil for Healthier Hair

Do you have dry or brittle hair? Well that can change in just one use! This oil is so good for your hair that it makes it stronger, healthier, shinier, and actually can make your hair grow faster. 1 First you will need to go buy (Coconut Oil) from your local store. 2 This oil is one of the best in oomphing up your hair! It does absolute wonders to your hair! 3 When you get the Coconut Oil, pour some in a small cup, but don’t pour too much,…

postheadericon How to Apply Castor Oil for Hair

How to Apply Castor Oil for Hair

Two Parts:Preparing the OilUsing the Castor OilCommunity Q&A Castor oil has long been used as a remedy for hair loss and thinning hair. It has many other uses as well, including moisturizing dry hair, taming frizz, and managing tangles. It can also make your hair grow stronger and thicker. There is much more to just slapping the castor oil on, however; how you prepare the oil will determine how easy it is to put on. This article will show you how to prepare the oil and how to apply it…

postheadericon How to Apply Bright Makeup

How to Apply Bright Makeup

Three Methods:EyesCheeksLipsCommunity Q&A Bright and colorful makeup is an excellent way to have fun with cosmetics. It can seem hard to pull off, but it isn’t! With a little practice and help from this article, you can start having tons of fun with your makeup. Method 1 Eyes 1 Fill in your brows. If you are doing bright eye makeup, a strong brow is a great way to frame the look. Alternatively, you could fill in your eyes with a bright eyeliner instead. 2 Prime your lids. With a heavy…

postheadericon How to Create a Superlather

How to Create a Superlather

Shaving with a traditional shaving soap or cream can be a quite enjoyable experience while providing for a better shave. One of the key components of a quality shave is the shaving lather. Those that seek the ultimate shave often use a technique called superlather which involves creating lather using both a shaving soap and cream. This technique provides or an ultimate glide while taking the best qualities of both the soap and combining them for a “Superlather”. Let’s Look how to make one. 1 Use a wet shaving brush….

postheadericon How to Create a Stereo Auxiliary on an Old School Radio

How to Create a Stereo Auxiliary on an Old School Radio

This article is meant to explain how you can create an auxiliary input in a radio that doesn’t accept anything of the sort. In it, the hack the cassette deck for the aux. I did it in my car, but it will work with any radio that has a cassette. Your cassette deck will still work after this is done! 1 Yank out the radio. 2 Crack open the radio case and try to get at the read head of the cassette deck. It’s that unit in the center that…

postheadericon How to Create a Spy Organization

How to Create a Spy Organization

Six Parts:Setting up your organizationGetting membersMaking a base or HQAssembling the gearTrainingSetting up spying role play investigationsCommunity Q&A Ever seen something strange but have never been able to do something about it because everyone thought you were off your rocker? Have you wanted to investigate suspicious situations with a team of trusted sleuths? If so, then you should create an awesome spy organization so you can have the backup you need when the time comes. Naturally, this is all about role playing––if you’re keen to be a real spy, read…

postheadericon How to Create a Sugar Craft Rose

How to Create a Sugar Craft Rose

Three Parts:Making the Rose CenterCreating the RoseCreating the CalyxCommunity Q&A Sugar craft roses can be an elegant touch to a cake for any occasion! These intricate flowers will be sure to impress others. Following these simple steps will be sure to turn the tedious task of making these into an enjoyable activity. Estimated time of completion: 5-10 minutes to create the rose centers plus 24 hours to dry, 15-30 minutes for the remaining rose. Part 1 Making the Rose Center 1 Make the rose core. Roll a small ball of…

postheadericon How to Create a Symbol

How to Create a Symbol

Three Methods:Developing an Image for Your SymbolCreating a Logo with LettersRegistering Your Symbol or LogoCommunity Q&A Symbols are visual emblems that stand for something else, such as a brand, message, or person.[1] A successful symbol is visually striking and easy to recognize, like the skull and crossbones symbol, which represents something poisonous. You do not need a high level of artistic skill to produce an effective symbol. Symbols can be produced in various ways and may even include text, which is also known as a logo. After you create your…

postheadericon How to Create a Sub Account in GnuCash

How to Create a Sub Account in GnuCash

One Methods:Alternative MethodCommunity Q&A GnuCash can be a little bit complicated at first, but this article, and wikiHow, are here to make it easier for you. Creating a sub account is just one part of what you’ll need to do. Read on to learn more. 1 Click on the account that you want to add a sub account to. 2 Right click on the account (Fixed Assets) and look at the options. Click on New Account… 3 Put in the appropriate information that you need for the account. At the…

postheadericon How to Create a Strong Email Marketing Campaign

How to Create a Strong Email Marketing Campaign

A strong email marketing campaign is vital to the success of any online business in the 21st century. Properly executed, an email marketing campaign can reach thousands of potential customers without a significant amount of financial overhead. Learning how to create a strong email marketing campaign involves utilizing detailed knowledge of both your customer base and the product or service you are offering. When done effectively, a solid email campaign can bring a high rate of investment (ROI) on your initial effort. 1 Determine the purpose of your email marketing…

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