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postheadericon Better living design in the bath

Better living design in the bath

When it’s time to make your bathroom more stylish and functional, make it safer and more accessible, too. Tight quarters, slick surfaces, hard objects, and hot water can make a bath difficult and even dangerous to navigate, especially for people with physical limitations. Fortunately, there are ways to make your bath easier to use and reduce the risk of accidents or injury. Save Item Send to a FriendPrint Buy a Taller Toilet Replacing a standard-height toilet (the seat is 14-in to 15-in from the floor) with a chair-height model (the…

postheadericon Bathroom remodel overview

Bathroom remodel overview

Ready for a new bathroom, but a little tight on cash? We’ll show you how to remodel your bathroom in stages to stay on budget. Save Item Send to a FriendPrint Introduction So you’ve decided that a complete remodel is needed on your outdated bathroom. First, determine if you’d like to ease into it with some simple refreshes or just jump right to bigger projects. Simple projects keep the bathroom usable until you’re ready for major renovations. A refresh can include: painting, updating bath hardware, or adding a piece of…

postheadericon Tree wall art

Tree wall art

Cut out these easy wood trees to create a forest for a kid’s bedroom or playroom. Tools and Materials Tools Pencil Jigsaw Small clamps Palm sander 80- and 120-grit sandpaper Drill 1/2-in drill bit Foam brushes Wiping rag Wood glue 1-1/2-in screws Drywall anchors (optional) Paintbrushes Paint roller Scraps of wood Materials for the tree trunks: 3 1-in x 12-in x 4-ft select pine, #1165 1 quart Minwax wood conditioner, #46575 1/2 pint Minwax wood stain, Special Walnut, #45808 Minwax clear polyurethane spray, #45869 7/8-in shaker peg, #81620 For the…

postheadericon Install a mirrored medicine cabinet and vanity light

Install a mirrored medicine cabinet and vanity light

Add style and function to your bathroom with a new mirror and vanity light. Mirrors and lights come in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. Both projects are great for the DIYer. Save Item Send to a FriendPrint Tools & Materials Tools Drill with Bits Drywall Knife Hammer Heat Gun Paintbrush Pry Bar Putty Knife Safety Glasses Sandpaper Work Gloves Materials Drywall Patch Drywall Screws Drywall Tape Lightweight Joint Compound Mirror Adhesive Packing Tape Paint Painter’s Tape Piece of Wood Primer Shims Surface Mount Mirror Recessed Medicine Cabinet…

postheadericon Simple bathroom makeover tips

Simple bathroom makeover tips

If you’re ready for a new bathroom but a major renovation doesn’t fit your budget, try these simple tips for an easy makeover. Save Item Send to a FriendPrint Paint the Walls New paint will transform the look of any room. When it comes to bathrooms, use a semigloss. It’s simple to clean and stands up well in high-moisture areas. When you’re painting with a brush, use smooth, even strokes and finish back into the area you just painted. When rolling, load the roller evenly with paint and make a…

postheadericon Leaning mirror

Leaning mirror

Add big drama to an entryway, bedroom, or living room. Make this easy-to-build mirror in a weekend using basic tools and materials, and paint it to match your room. Tools & Materials Tools Drill with 3/64-in bit Miter box and handsaw 180-grit sanding sponge and 180-grit sandpaper Hammer Putty knife Nail set Clamps Tape measure Painter’s tape Materials 10.1 ounces mirror mastic, #197438 1-3/8-in x 32-in x 80-in lauan hollow-core door, #10705 1/8-in x 16-in x 58-in bevel-edge mirror, #26068 3 – 1-in x 3-in x 8-ft oak boards, #1044…

postheadericon Storage headboard

Storage headboard

Store bedtime books conveniently close in this custom headboard you can build in a weekend. Pick the wood and finish to meet your mattress size and decor. Tools & Materials Tools Miter saw Circular saw and straightedge or a table saw Random-orbit sander and 120-grit discs Cordless drill and countersink bit Driver bits Tape measure Painter’s tape Combination square Hammer or compressor and brad nailer Stud finder Materials See Cutting Diagram for lumber required #8 x 1-1/2-in flathead sheet-metal screws 1-in finish nails 1-1/2-in finish nails Items may be Special…

postheadericon Toy car road

Toy car road

Pave the way to backyard fun with a miniature road for toy cars. Made with edging blocks, it’s so simple your kids can help you build it. Tools and Materials Tools Scissors Caulk gun For 55 blocks: Gallon Valspar exterior flat paint, yellow, #49441 11″ x 11″ Garage Sale sign, #33826 1″ premium chip brush, #319316 2 containers landscape adhesive, #153974 Old Castle Tan Perfect Edging, #186826* 16″ x 16″ gray patio stone, #54338 Items may be Special Order in some stores. Product costs, availability, and item numbers may vary…

postheadericon Bathroom fan buying guide

Bathroom fan buying guide

A bathroom fan improves comfort and helps protect your home from mold and moisture damage. Learn how to find the capability you need and the features you want. Save Item Send to a FriendPrint Why You Need a Bathroom Fan Moist air from showers, tubs and other fixtures in a bathroom can accumulate on bathroom surfaces, leading to rot and peeling paint and providing a good environment for mold and mildew growth. A properly installed bathroom fan provides ventilation, drawing humid air – and odors – out of the home….

postheadericon Kids’ car wash sprinkler

Kids’ car wash sprinkler

Whether children ride or run through this sprinkler, they’ll have fun pretending they’re at a real car wash. Tools and Materials Tools Hacksaw or handsaw Drill with 1/16″ bit File or utility knife Measuring tape Straightedge Materials 7 – 3/4″ x 10′ PVC pipes, #23971 3/4″ FM x 1/2″ MIP hose adapter, #416831 3/4″ x 1/2″ slip x threaded tee, #23933 10 – 3/4″ elbows 10 – 3/4″ tees 3/4″ x 48″ dowel, #19384 PVC cement, #23464 Epoxy adhesive or silicone sealant 1/8″ braided rope (optional), #349214 Assorted sponges and…