postheadericon How to Show Hidden Files in Linux

Two Methods:Inside the File ManagerFrom the terminal emulatorCommunity Q&A

Just starting out in linux and can’t see your secret/configuration files in the file manager? Having the same problem while using the terminal emulator? Here’s the answer.

Method 1 Inside the File Manager

How to Show Hidden Files in Linux

1 Open the File Manager. Depending on your desktop environment, the steps for doing this vary. 2 Click the menu button related to View settings. In most File Managers, this is called View. In others, it might be a button with no name. In such a scenario, click to see all of the buttons available. 3 Check the option which says Show Hidden Files from the drop down menu. Method 2 From the terminal emulator 1 Open the terminal emulator. Either Ctrl+Alt+t or clicking its icon will do.

How to Show Hidden Files in Linux

2 Navigate to your desired directory using ‘cd ‘ and ‘ls’. Use ls to see your directory contents. Use cd [directory_name] to change directories. 3 Type “ls -a” (without quotes) to see all files, hidden and unhidden.

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