postheadericon How to Make Tie Dye Candles from Crayons

It’s a creative way to brighten up the room!

1 You will need a stovetop or heating element, two clean pots, crayons, candle making scent If desired, two mixing spoons, candle wick, and a glass suitable for withstanding heat. 2 Place two pots on the heating surface. Do not start the stovetop or heating element yet. 3 Select two complementary colors from your crayon box. 4 Remove the paper wrapping from the crayon and discard it. 5 Place one crayon in each pot and turn the heat on medium. 6 Be sure to watch these pots as the crayons melt. Wax is very flammable if it gets too hot. 7 Add scented candle wax or oil scent, made for candle making, to one or both of the pots. 8 While the wax is melting be sure to keep the pots stirred, using a different spoon for each color. 9 Once both crayons have melted and the scent is mixed in well you are ready to begin making your candle. 10 Carefully drip a small layer of wax into the bottom of your glass with the spoon. 11 Carefully center the candle wick into the bottom of the glass, making sure not to touch the hot wax with your bare hands. 12 Gradually the hot wax should harden and hold your wick into place. 13 Tilt your glass sideways. 14 Take one of the spoons you have been mixing the wax with and carefully drip that color into the glass. 15 Wait until color one hardens. 16 Repeat this step using color two. Be sure to allow the colors to harden before using the other color. Otherwise the two colors will mix and you will have a one color candle. 17 Keep doing that until you cover the sides with both colors individually. 18 Next fill The glass with the remaining crayons alternating between colors and allowing each color to firm up before moving to the next color. 19 Finally cut off the excess wick leaving approximately one quarter to one half inch of wick above the wax level.

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