postheadericon How to Make Sure if a TV Remote Is Broken Using any Camera

Want to check if your TV remote is actually broken? Then all you need is a camera – any kind of camera, even a mobile phone’s camera. See the steps below.

1 Take a TV remote. Take any remote you want. 2 Take a camera. Bring out a camera, such as a mobile phone’s or a digital camera. 3 Take the remote on your hand, and hold it in front of the camera. 4 Press any button. Press any button you like. 5 Look into the screen of the camera. While you are pressing the button, look at the light (which is normally doesn’t light up by seeing with your naked eye – light of the sort of LED) but on the screen of the camera. A purple colour light will be visible. If the purple colour light is not visible, then your TV remote is broken.

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