postheadericon How to Make a Dreamcatcher from a Doily

Dreamcatchers are a popular magical item that people hang by their window to catch bad dreams. While good quality dreamcatchers can be pricey, you can very easily make a gorgeous dreamcatcher of your own for very little, by using an embroidery loom, some string and a doily.

How to Make a Dreamcatcher from a Doily

1 Separate the two pieces of the embroidery loom. To do this, turn the metal knob at the top of the loom until it unscrews and the two circles become loose. Simply slide the inner circle away from the outer circle. 2 Tie a few small lengths of string to the bottom of the biggest circle of the embroidery loom. Generally three to eight pieces of string will work for producing the dreamcatcher appearance Thread beads and tie feathers onto the lengths of string. These are both for decorative effect and to aid the string dangles down when the dreamcatcher is hung up. 3 Add the doily to the dreamcatcher. Place the doily across the smallest circle on the embroidery loom. Tuck the edges over the sides of the inner circle. Then, push the bigger circle down over the smaller circle, to firmly wedge it in place.

How to Make a Dreamcatcher from a Doily

4 Tighten the screw to hold the circles firmly in place again. Twist the metal knob on the top of the embroidery loom to tighten. 5 Cut. Cut off any excess doily at the back of the dreamcatcher. 6 Finished. Hang your newly created dream catcher by a window to catch all of your bad dreams.

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