postheadericon How to Create an Exercise Music Playlist

Have you ever noticed just how expensive it can be to purchase music with a specified BPM (Beats per Minute) to exercise to? If you have an MP3 player, you can easily organize your music by its tempo for easy use as exercise music.

1 Explore your MP3 player’s help menu to find how to enter the BPM value. This will usually be a number between 60 and 180. In iTunes, you’ll find it under “Get Info” for a song. Other MP3 software will likely vary.

How to Create an Exercise Music Playlist

2 Find the BPM of your favorite songs. 3 Enter the BPM data into your MP3 software. 4 View your MP3 library of music. 5 Sort the music by tempo. In an iTunes Music Library, this is easily done by double clicking on the column header for BPM. 6 Separate the music into tempos in ranges of 10 BPM. For example, 120-130 BPM, 131-140 BPM, 141-150 BPM, etc. This will keep your exercise tempo even and avoid sudden speeding up or slowing down as you exercise. 7 Save each tempo grouping into its own play list.

How to Create an Exercise Music Playlist

8 Load the new exercise playlists onto your MP3 player and head out for your exercise, knowing that you’ll be able to keep a steady rhythm as you jog, walk, cycle, etc.

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