postheadericon How to Create a Sport

Are you bored with regular sports? Do you want something different that absolutely no one has thought of? Then create your own sport!

1 Come up with a basic idea. Will it have a ball? How many people on each team? Is it aggressive or is no contact allowed? Are there any animals in it? 2 Pick a name for your sport. Try to have one that goes with the sport. 3 Come up with the field. Decide how big it will be and where the lines are. What sections will there be and what will they do? Also will they play in quarters, halves or just one big game? How long will a section of play take? 4 Write down your rules. Search through your brain for the most complicated rules. Players will need to know if they can wear cleats or just normal shoes. Or if touching with the elbows isn’t allowed. Also determine whether your sport requires guidelines instead of rules since some sports like skateboarding are not based on strict rules, but guidelines instead. 5 Test it out. Get a few friends and explain it to them. Play a quick game and work out the kinks. 6 Organize people, business, and events around your sport to create a following, a market, brand loyalty, and a customer. 7 Work with organizations, businesses, and sports leagues, and community groups in order to get the proper facilities and/or locations secured in order for there to be viable place to practice your sport. Participants of snowboarding and skateboarding had major problems with their participants not being allowed on slopes and local skate parks because they were being kicked off or closed down. 8 Create the demand for your sport by marketing it through events, lessons, local and worldwide sporting leagues, competitions, and progression towards public relations and media. Create a council or Board of Directors so interested participants of your sport can help further your efforts. 9 Create products and services to meet the demand of your sport. Train and equipment professional athletes within your sport to teach your sport and create revenue from it. Teaching certificates and sport policies will need to be created. Such policies may include those which keep the sport running smoothly as both an organization and one which collaborates with businesses to meet the wants and needs of your sport including it’s participants (customers). 10 Gain recognition from important figures in other sports, entertainment, politics, business, music, culture, and etc… to gain mainstream acceptance. 11 Continue all of the above efforts until the sport starts feeding in on itself. If this doesn’t work, tell people about your sport. 12 Now you have your own sport to play!

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