postheadericon How to Create a Prayer Environment

Prayer is an important part of our spiritual lives. Prayer helps us to stay connected to God, the same way texting, calling and simple conversing helps us to stay connected to our family, friends and co-workers. The world that we live in today does not always support a prayer life. The world (our lives) are filled with noise and distractions. We are checking out social media, listening to music or playing games and that keeps our mind filled, leaving no space for quiet conversation with God. A noise filled environment also keeps us from listening to God when God is trying to answer our prayers. This article teaches you an approach to creating a good prayer environment that will foster a good prayer life.

Steps 1 Find a quiet place where you can concentrate on your prayer. For some people the place you choose may be a religious building like a church or temple.  Try to get to church 5-10 minutes prior to an organized communal prayer service so that you can spend some quiet time with God.  If you choose an outdoor location be sure to consider the weather changes.  Some times lighting a candle can be a way to establish a sacred space just about anywhere. 2 Pick a certain time to pray everyday and always pray at that time.  God listens 24/7 so what ever works best for you will do for God.  If you are morning person, before you turn on the morning news engage in prayer with God.  If you are a night owl, be sure to set aside some time to talk to God before you turn our the lights for the night.  If your life is busy, maybe your lunch hour is the best time to take 5-10 minutes to stop and refocus on your relationship with God. 3 Relax body and mind: Good posture and breathing exercises can help us concentrate when we pray.  A person can pray in any position, but if you are uncomfortable you will be more focused on your discomfort than your prayer, so be sure that you are sitting or laying comfortably and that you relax all of your body parts from your head down to your toes. 4 Having a good attitude, opening our hearts, and showing our desire to be with God helps our prayer. The things that we prayer for or about will change depending of what you have going on in your life; however, having a positive attitude toward the act of prayer can deepen the experience and allow an authentic conversation to take place between you and God.  if you do not believe that prayer is a good use of your time, you will have a negative experience and you most-likely will not try it again. 5 Keep at it: Even though it may be hard to pray continuously, you must keep trying and believe in your faith. Just like any other talent, like playing a sport or an instrument practice makes perfect.  If you want to be a good basketball player you have to go to practice and if you want to play the piano well any piano teacher will say 1 hour of practice a day.  Developing a strong prayer life is the same.  You must keep at it!

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