postheadericon How to Create a Home Shrine (Hinduism)

In Hinduism, it is important not only to visit temples and perform pilgrimages but also to create a Home Shrine, if you are able. Be it simple or expensive, if you have one it will increase your faith.

Steps 1 Decide if you want a ready-made mandir (shrine) from a store, or whether you want to build a simple one with what you have. 2 If you have decided that you will buy one, then purchase it from a store and place it in a corner, or a quiet place in the house. However if you have decided to make a simple one, this is what you must do: 3 Find a small table, not too high. This can be used as a shrine. You may build levels in it. 4 Put a murti (idol) or picture of Lord Ganesha in it. This is essential, because He is considered the Lord of Good Beginnings and is worshiped before any other deity. 5 Put other images or idols of the deities you love in it as well. If you have made levels, then at the topmost level, place a patron deity, or the deity you believe is supreme above all others. If you have not made levels, you may simply place this deity in the center. 6 You may place a lamp-holder, a bowl and an incense stick-holder on the shrine, near the images. The bowl will help to store water as as an offering to the deities. 7 Worship at the shrine. This is important. You should perform a special worship in the beginning to make the shrine consecrated and holy.

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