postheadericon How to Create a Fantasy Internet on Paper

Seven Methods:Made Up Virtual WorldsMade Up Video WebsitesMade Up Game WebsitesPlatformCharacter and EnemyRestaurantTycoonsCommunity Q&A

Have you ever wanted to get on the computer but someone else was on, the power was out, you’re grounded in your room, etc? Just grab some paper and let the fun begin!

1 Get a lot paper and a pencil. Pens won’t work, even if you never make mistakes. 2 Separate the paper into categories like search, virtual worlds, video websites, game websites, etc. 3 Get a piece of paper from the search pile and draw a main page. Make sure to put the website entrance and search box in the corner. Also include the X button, and – button, and the overlapping page button. 4 Add stuff that is on your internet. 5 After that, if you want to go to a website, write the website in the enterer. 6 Get the paper that you’re using for the kind of website you’re going to. 7 Draw the website. It can be made up or real. If it’s real, make sure to put everything on there. 8 If it is real, think a few minutes for the website’s exact essence. 9 If it is made up, think for a few seconds and draw and write what you think of. Method 1 Made Up Virtual Worlds 1 Think about what you like and draw the essence and write the name. Make a play button. You can also add a blog. 2 Draw you on a small slip of paper. Draw other characters. 3 Make places on half of a piece of paper. Make games, coins, and stores. 4 Have speech bubbles. Also make clothing stores. When you put on different clothes, erase and draw them on. 5 Do this for other characters. Method 2 Made Up Video Websites 1 Name your website and draw some miniature video screens. Randomly name the videos. 2 Put in a search box. Write what video you will search for. 3 On another piece of paper, draw results for your search. Press the one that you want. 4 Get some help to make a flipbook. Draw the video in the flipbook. 5 Add a pause and play button. When the video is over, draw some videos that you would like to see. Method 3 Made Up Game Websites 1 Name your game website and draw small rectangles. Put games in them. 2 There are certain types of games. Method 4 Platform 1 Draw a small character on a long beam. Draw some platforms above him. 2 If there is something rising like lava, draw curves at the bottom to represent it. 3 If you want, you can make enemies. Method 5 Character and Enemy 1 Draw a huge platform and a character. Draw some enemies and a goal. 2 Give the character attacks, armor, and abilities. 3 Draw arrow keys and then draw a path that you’re character walks. Make the enemies walk and attack, too. 4 Walk to the goal and then draw another level. 5 While you’re leveling up, make more enemies and hazards to make each level harder than the last. Method 6 Restaurant 1 Draw a restaurant with tables and a window for collecting food. 2 Draw a waiter/waitress and customers which sit at the tables. Have the waiter/waitress go to tables and take orders. 3 Go to the window to pick up the food and then go back over to give it to the customers. Draw the food on trays. When you deliver food, erase the food and put it on the tables. 4 Have upgrades and different restaurants. Method 7 Tycoons 1 Draw only one character which is you. 2 Draw a blank store with squares to walk on for upgrades. Give yourself a little bit of money. 3 Have something cost the amount of money you have and then walk on it. Make a money maker that raises your money. 4 Wait until it gets to an amount of money that has the price of something that you want to buy. Walk on it and buy the thing. 5 Keep buying things until there aren’t anymore squares.

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