postheadericon How to Crash Land a Jetliner

With all the convenience of the modern jet age, an unrivaled fear of plane crashes persists. Although air travel is relatively safe, the mere mention of a jetliner collision still causes people to pause and watch the video images of breaking news. If you want to take charge in a midair emergency and learn how to crash land a jetliner, follow these suggestions.

1 Prepare in advance. Learn about midair emergency procedures by enrolling in flight school. Learn the aviation terminology of pilots and air traffic control personnel. You might not learn to fly a jet, or even earn your pilot’s license, but some experience is better than none. Buy a decent flight simulator computer game and practice routinely, becoming familiar with the general overview of a typical jetliner cockpit. 2 Maneuver your way to the cockpit. Depending on the scenario, it’s up to you to quickly determine the severity of the situation. Other passengers may be panicking and any damage to the plane may hinder your attempt. But if you know how to crash land a jetliner, you may be the only hope. 3 Take the control wheel. The control panel of a jetliner can be confusing enough as it is. In a midair emergency, the indicators may be damaged and the controls malfunctioning. If the engines are stalled, the plane is essentially a glider. Verify the auto pilot switch is turned it off and use the control wheel. 4 Attempt radio communication. Try to stay informed by the air traffic control tower to determine the safest place to crash land. In a midair emergency, try to muster ground support. In the event you don’t have time, radio communication will at least alert emergency personnel to the predicament. 5 Locate the essential indicators. Find the altitude, attitude (artificial horizon), and airspeed indicator gauges. They should be round and at the center of the pilot’s console. These controls give the pilot vital information, such as the proximity of the aircraft to the horizon. 6 Brace for impact. Scout for a field or a body of water. Lower the landing gear to soften the crash if possible. Landing gear controls should be on the lower right of the console. Keep the nose up by pulling back slightly on the control wheel while watching the attitude indicator. While you may not have many options, try avoiding setting down in a highly populated area. Depending on the conditions, you may be able to glide the jetliner to safety. Most airplane crashes occur at takeoff or landing, reducing the chances of a safe landing. To crash land a jetliner, you are really at the mercy of a multitude of factors such as altitude, airspeed, and weather. Delegate the task of informing everyone to brace for impact to a flight attendant, if possible. Watch for obstacles like houses, trees, and bridges. Set the tail section down first, then steadily lower the nose, holding the control wheel steady.

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