postheadericon How to Convince Your Spouse Not to Get a Divorce

When couples are not happy together, they often wish to divorce, but there are cases when one person opposes the idea of divorce. If you are in opposition of the divorce, you can try to convince your spouse to stay together.

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How to Convince Your Spouse Not to Get a Divorce

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Per the merge policy, if these topics are determined to be similar but distinct, then the articles will remain separate. Please comment on the discussion page. Notice added on 2016-05-26. Steps 1 Know your spouse’s habits. When you live with someone for a long time, you would have time to know their habits. You know it all, so you want to save the marriage you need to show your spouse that you know them well. Show that you care for them taking advantage of their habits. If your spouse likes tea in the morning, offer it to the spouse. If your spouse loves to have vodka with orange juice, make a drink for them as they like it. 2 Reminisce on old times. Remind your spouse of the memories that you two have shared together Everyone has memories. Some good and some are bad. Some memories that you may want your spouse to remember are your first kiss first, first date, and memories with your children (if you had any). Keep some of these photos in a place where your partner will find them easily. Make the memories live again. For example, if you wore a red dress that was a gift from your spouse, wear it refresh their memory of that day. 3 Be attractive. Make them realize what they are going to lose once the divorce is final. Make your spouse fall in love with you again. You don’t need to be too fancy; you just need to keep the spouse interested. Wear a little makeup, change your hairstyle, or dress fashionably. 4 Show your spouse that you two are meant to be together. Make them remember why they made the decision of marrying you. Show them that he or she married to you and it is not a mistake, but it was a wise decision because you are the only one for her or him. Show them why you two loved each other. 5 Show your spouse that you care about him/her. It is very important to show care to whom you love the most. Make them feel them secure in your arms. Make them feel that no matter whatever happens, you are not going to leave them. Support and encourage them whenever they feel depressed. 6 Be good at what you do and do it effortlessly. Carefully and lovingly do responsibilities such as managing children, bringing children back from school, dusting, keeping the home tidy, and serving dinner to each other. Do things which suits you and you are an expert like spending time with children, your occupation, or managing the household. 7 Stay calm and don’t lose hope. In a situation like divorce, you need to be calm. Stay calm and don’t panic. Stay prepared for what may happen if the divorce is finalized because it is still a possibility.

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