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Looking to convert a document file from DOCX to DOC format? Or let it be any other file conversion. The time you go online and find some relevant tool to convert your file to the desired format, you often get caught in the spider net of paid software and online extensions. To save your time and get optimum data conversion results, the best option is to go online and convert files for free. But, if you want to convert some complex file formats, you might not get the tool online till you purchase one and that’s the story behind purchasing the online tools frequently. However, to convert your files it’s not always necessary to spend money on downloading any tool. There are very few comprehensive online converters that offer 100% free conversion for audio, video, image, document and compression files like RAR to ZIP and several other complex files.

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How to Convert Data Files Online

Method 1 Why online file conversion tools?

The paid file conversion software could be a good option, but there are numbers of online tools available that includes much more features and also there is no need to download, they are available online for free and also quick to use. While going online, you simply need to upload the file you wish to convert to the online tool, and then you can get the converted file in few easy and quick steps.    Online tools have proven to be a perfect option for most of the conversion software, open source file conversion software or any other conversion software. Though, it means that you can convert files even from your Smartphone or tablet from anywhere across the globe.

How to Convert Data Files Online

Method 2 How to know a particular file format?

A brief introduction on file format and its extensions Often we get confuse with different file formats, without knowing to convert into which file format or what kind of platform is used to open particular file format.  Below is a set of various file formats and a quick reference to the platforms you require to open the file in.

Method 3 Different File Formats: 1 JPG, GIF, JPEG, PNG The formats mentioned above relate to image files. Though, Microsoft windows have default platform to open these files known as Windows Paint. 2 PDF A PDF file is usually opened in Adobe Reader. It has some features similar to MS Word, but instead of writing it only allows to open, review, and print the documents saved. 3 TXT, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX All these formats belong to Microsoft Office family. However, some of them also can be viewed in WordPad. DOC and DOCX are accessed in MS Word, PPT and PPTX are MS PowerPoint formats, XLS and XLSX are MS Excel file format. 4 HTML, HTM The HTML and HTM are files that can be accessible in your web browser. Few platforms to access these files are Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. 5 WAV, MOV, AVI, WMV,  MPE, MP3, MPG, MPEG, MP4 These are the Multimedia files used to play different kind of media formats, e.g. audio, video, animation, and flash. VLC media player is a universal platform to view most of these formats.  It is freeware that can be easily downloaded from the internet. 6 ZIP, RAR ZIP and RAR are used to compress the large files to a small size; Both ZIP & RAR files can be uncompressed and viewed in WinZip, which is readily available online for download.ZIP, RAR ZIP and RAR are used to compress the large files to a small size; Both ZIP & RAR files can be uncompressed and viewed in WinZip, which is readily available online for download. Method 4 Most common data file conversions: 1 DOCX to DOC:- The most common documents that people need to convert are DOC & DOCX; it is possible that either one can easily be converted for easy access.   Both the DOC file and the DOCX extension are a part of Microsoft Word, which is a product of Microsoft office itself. This is the reason both of these file types are so prevalent 2 JPG to PNG image:- This type of file conversions allows you to convert your JPG image extension file to PNG format easy and quickly, this type of conversion is usually done for improving the image quality. The converted file can then be downloaded by simply clicking the download button, which makes the process of converting files much easier. 3 MP4 to MP3:-  MP4 is a video file format and MP3 is an audio format. MP4 to MP3 ?Video Converter provides MP4 video file to MP3 Audio file conversion easily. Method 5 Easily Accessible Online Conversion Tools

Paid file conversion online tools include mostly all data file conversion one can think, but it needs to be purchased before using it. By saving your money, you can easily choose online available data conversion tools those are free to use and provide you the wide range of conversion file formats available. These tools are compatible with mobile phone and tablet PC’s. One of the most popular and relevant online file conversion websites is mentioned below.

How to Convert Data Files Online

Method 6 Free File Convert has proven to be reliable tool since years. The website supports 73 different types of conversions. Free File Convert supports 23 video websites to download the videosfrom. The max file size is of 300 MB and is enough to convert small sized data files. “Free File Convert” also supports image to text file conversion.

1 A quick review of the Features: 73 Supported File Conversion Formats 23 Supported Video websites Converts Image to TXT Method 7 How to use the online file conversion tool? 1 Open the tool in the browser. 2 Select the Input file format you want to convert. 3 You will be asked for the option to select the output file need to convert. 4 Upload the file either by selecting your file from your system’s local drive or by entering the URL of the file that is available online. 5 Click on the “Convert file” option to start the file conversion process. Once it is completed, then a download link will appear from where you can download your converted file.

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