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Two Parts:Preparing the CrateDisassembling the CrateCommunity Q&A

Collapsible metal dog crates are a great way to have a secure place for your dog while you are traveling. They are reasonably light-weight, making them easy to carry and transport. They are also easy to clean, providing your dog with a clean, comfortable, and secure home away from home. In order to use a collapsible dog crate you simply need to know how to put it together and then how to collapse it when you are done using it.

Part 1 Preparing the Crate 1 Empty the crate of all items. You can’t leave anything in the crate while it is collapsed. This includes blankets or comfort pads, food and water bowls, toys, and any other things you or your dog placed inside. The bottom liner needs to be removed as well. It is usually removed by sliding it out a small opening at the bottom of the crate where it was inserted in the first place.[1] 2 Use a clean cloth to wipe the crate clean, including the liner. If the crate is a bit dirty scrub it with a non-toxic cleaner. This is a great time to get it sparkly clean. If the other items are dirty this makes a great opportunity to clean them as well. Blankets and pads can be laundered and dried along with any plush or cloth toys. Food and water bowls can be washed just like any other dishes in the sink or dishwasher. Other toys can be cleaned with plain soap and water and rinsed. 3 Close all the doors on the crate. This includes the front door and any side or top doors or openings. Make sure they are latched fully using the provided latches. The crate will not close properly without the door closed and latched securely. Part 2 Disassembling the Crate 1 Consult the owner’s manual for your particular crate model. Since the process of collapsing a crate may be different for some models and manufacturers, it is best to consult the directions that came with yours. If you no longer have the instructions, or your crate did not come with instructions, you can contact the manufacturer to try and get a copy of them. 2 Fold down the shorter side panels of the crate. Find the tabs that hold the short side panels to the top of the crate. Press down on the wire of the top panel to release these tabs.[2] 3 Detach the sides of the crate. This is done by detaching the latches that connect the short side panels (at the front and the back of the crate) to the long panels. Push in on the short side panel while simultaneously pulling out on the long panel. This should unhook the connecting latches, releasing the panels from each other. Do this on both the front and back short panels. 4 Lift the top up slightly and push the side in. Allow it to rest on the floor of the crate. Do the same with the other short side. 5 Push one of the long ends towards the floor. This will cause the crate to collapse onto itself. The top will be lying to one side and needs to be folded on to the top of the collapsed crate. 6 Latch the folded crate. Use the latches attached to the crate.[3] These will make sure that the crate does not come unfolded while you transport it.

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