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The living room is where you can really express yourself. Its also the central part of your home. It is typically the first and only place in which you receive and entertain guests. In addition to that, the living room is where you can really get creative with implementing your own style. As opposed to your bedroom, your living room provides the space to leave a lasting impression.Not too long ago, the living room was considered a luxury and on top of that the idea of the living room, as we know it today, did not exist. Originally, the extra room in which guests were received was a parlour in which all social gatherings took place including where the recently deceased were placed for viewing. The modern living room came about from the influence of popular decorating literature in the late 19th century.We work, we play and we rest in our living rooms. Whether, its the latest school project or work report you are trying to finish to watching the latest programs or hosting game night, as well as, catching a quick nap on your sofa, the living room should be comfortable.

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How to Choose Right Living Room

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