postheadericon How to Beat Clubstep in Geometry Dash

Ah, Clubstep. The first demon anyone will likely come across in Geometry Dash. This is one of the hardest levels in the game, and now you can know how to beat it!

1 Navigate through the Cube Sections. The cube sections are the easiest parts of the level, and they are pretty much self-explanatory. 2 Move onto the first ship. The ship parts are the hardest in this level according to most people. The ship sections in this level include tight flying spaces with lots of gravity portals. There are six very hard ship sections in this level, which is probably why it is rated “demon”. 3 Get through the Ball Part. This section is one of the easiest sections in the level. This would work like any other ball part. There are some jump rings you have to avoid. At the end of this part, there is a fake. There is a gap you have to go through to the top, and then you can dodge some spikes, this will take you to the first UFO. 4 Work through the UFO section. The first UFO is the harder of the two. You have a three-space with spikes to flap a small UFO through. The second UFO is the easier. It is where the second coin is located. You just have to jump over a few invisible spikes. 5 Practice as much as you need to. If you can, find a copy of this level and practice. Practice as much as you can with something called a “start pos”. It will be worth it. Then, go into the main level and practice more. Try to beat it. If you can beat it, that is great, and congratulations!

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