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postheadericon How to Cook a Halloween Lunch

How to Cook a Halloween Lunch

Six Methods:EyeballsFinger SandwichesBloodthirsty CeleryWorms on ToastFake BloodBrain and Worm BurgersCommunity Q&A Does your family do nice things for you? Return the favor and treat them with a surprise lunch! Steps Method 1 Eyeballs 1 Buy two packs of white marshmallows. 2 Buy a pack of chocolate chips. Put individual chocolate chips on one of the flat sides of a marshmallow. 3 Get some sour red shoelaces. Cut each lace into fours. Lay three of them on the sides of the marshmallow from the bottom up. Have three others come from…

postheadericon How to Convey to Your Kids the Real Meaning of Independence Day

How to Convey to Your Kids the Real Meaning of Independence Day

Independence Day is often celebrated with fireworks, barbecues, picnics, parties, and other activities that can sometimes allow people in general – especially kids – to forget about why the holiday is really celebrated. As a parent, there are numerous ways you can convey to your kids the true and real meaning of Independence Day so they can learn why the holiday is celebrated annually. In addition to talking to your children about the holiday, you can read them books about Independence Day, watch movies about Independence Day, or even visit…

postheadericon How to Contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner As a Teenager

How to Contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner As a Teenager

Two Parts:Helping Before ThanksgivingHelping on the Big DayCommunity Q&A Your family has been stressing out about hosting this year’s Thanksgiving meal for weeks now, and you want to help out. The problem is, you’re only a teenager and your greatest culinary achievement has been making a grilled cheese sandwich. You may think that there’s not much you can do to help out mom and dad during this special holiday, but there are plenty of things that you can do that have nothing to do with cooking an amazing meal. So…

postheadericon How to Come up With a Great Halloween Costume

How to Come up With a Great Halloween Costume

Can’t come up with a good Halloween costume? Here’s some help. Keep your mind open; the best costume to have is a hilarious one and the best way to pull it off is to not care what others think. But if you know you will go for something simpler or have some of your friends in on the whole thing with you. Steps 1 Keep a notebook with you always (to write ideas down in). Don’t count on, “If it’s such a great idea I’ll remember it when I get…

postheadericon How to Color Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

How to Color Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Four Methods:Preparing the Work AreaMarbling the Colors in the PanColoring the EggsFinishingCommunity Q&A Sometimes dying eggs with vinegar can be a pain and stink up everything. In this article, you can learn how to dye eggs with only shaving cream and food coloring, creating marbled colored eggs! Steps Method 1 Preparing the Work Area 1 Gather your supplies. You will need a disposable and wide container; aluminum baking pans work best. You will also need hardboiled eggs (cooled and dried), food coloring, and white shaving cream. (Note. Shaving gel does…

postheadericon How to Clean an Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Clean an Artificial Christmas Tree

Three Methods:Cleaning before ChristmasCleaning after ChristmasCleaning Outdoor TreesCommunity Q&A Many people choose to decorate their homes with artificial Christmas trees. Unfortunately, trees will accumulate dust and dirt from being on display or in storage. Many use fake trees to avoid the allergens of a real tree but forget to clean the tree annually. If you discover your hands are dirty and dusty after working with your tree, it is probably due for a good cleaning. Keep reading for ways to clean your tree before you set it up! Steps Method…

postheadericon How to Christmas Shop With Kids

How to Christmas Shop With Kids

Christmas shopping with kids is hard, especially in the last few weeks leading up to Christmas! The stores are jam packed with shoppers, and the kids get impatient quickly. Planning ahead, bringing some snacks, and calling on Santa to make them behave will help your shopping expedition go more smoothly. Steps 1 Give them a snack to eat. Oreos, goldfish or granola bars are great ideas. They will be munching! 2 Say if they are good they can each pick out a piece of candy. If not, don’t let them….

postheadericon How to Christmas Shop Year Round

How to Christmas Shop Year Round

Christmas shopping year round will save you money, time and stress! A little forethought and not much effort will yield wonderful results! Steps 1 During the current holidays, make as detailed a list as possible of everyone you would like to buy a gift for (family, friends, co workers, etc). 2 Divide the list according to the cost or type (or both) of gift you would like to give. 3 Start shopping for next year the day or week after the holiday. You can pick up some great bargains at…

postheadericon How to Christmas Shop for Toddlers

How to Christmas Shop for Toddlers

Christmas shopping for toddlers can be difficult. You get them something simple: clothes, but they just had a growth-spurt. You get them a fire-engine toy, but they got over their faze of firemen about a year ago. It might not seem to matter, but toddlers can actually sense when adults don’t really care. Here’s how to give them something that they will brag about when they get older, something that will stay with them for a long time. Steps 1 Set your budget. You love your children and all, but…

postheadericon How to Choose Unique Hanukkah Gifts

How to Choose Unique Hanukkah Gifts

Don’t know what to get the loved ones on your holiday gift list? Stressed out about the perfect Chanukah present? The pressure only mounts when you have to come up with eight different gifts for eight different nights! However, you can start relaxing and let the stress melt away with the help of some Hanukkah gift giving advice. The right Hanukkah gift is all about the meaning that it holds. Steps 1 Go to a game store or the game section of your local department or box store. Hanukkah is…