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postheadericon How to Apply Duracoat

How to Apply Duracoat

Duracoat is a 2-part chemical spray finish designed specifically for use on firearms. Used extensively by hobby firearms makers, it is available in 75 colors as well as a clear gloss. The colors can be mixed in any combination to achieve a truly unique color. While applying Duracoat itself is not a laborious process, the prep work must be done meticulously to ensure a near flawless finish. 1 Cover the surface where you will be working with newspaper. 2 Dis-assemble the entire firearm and clean all pieces thoroughly, making sure…

postheadericon How to Create a Twig Wreath

How to Create a Twig Wreath

Do you love the look of twig wreaths but hate the look of their price tags in the stores? Make your own twig wreath with a minimum of expenditure! 1 Obtain a heavy wire clothes hanger. 2 Clip the “hook” off of the hanger with wire cutters. 3 Obtain a largish supply of smallish twigs. Try to keep the twig equal in diameter and length. Some trees work better than others and you should check for permission before trimming any foliage from property you don’t own. 4 Clip your twigs…

postheadericon How to Create a Timetable for Your Pet Rock

How to Create a Timetable for Your Pet Rock

There’s always a day with your pet rock, where you forgot to feed your rock, or you are bored with your rock. Then there are days when there are just too many things to do with your rock! Follow this simple guide to create a simple timetable so you always know what to do with your rock! 1 Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and roughly scribble down what you and your pet rock like to do. This could be anything, such as: Camping/Nature Walks/Hiking Spa or bath…

postheadericon How to Create a Textured Abstract Painting

How to Create a Textured Abstract Painting

How to create a textured abstract painting 1 Start by selecting a good canvas. We would recommend a deep edged canvas of approx 3.5 centimeter (1.4 in) to stay within current styles. 2 You will need a container to mix your texture, a mixing spoon, gesso and sand or grit. 3 Mix in approx 5 part gesso to sand. You can add PVA in 1 part to add bonding. 4 Mix until consistency of porridge. 5 Apply to the canvas and work into desired shape or style. 6 Your texture will…

postheadericon How to Create a Time Capsule

How to Create a Time Capsule

Two Methods:Sample Time Capsule LettersCreating Your Own Time CapsuleCommunity Q&A A time capsule can be as simple as a shoe box full of items reserved (or even forgotten) somewhere. Other time capsules may need to last a very long time, in which case a strong stainless steel container is recommended, with a proper seal. Keep in mind that creating a capsule for unveiling at some future date is really a two sided adventure involving both you and those who will uncover it once again. Make sure that the items you…

postheadericon How to Create a Travel House for Your Pet Rock

How to Create a Travel House for Your Pet Rock

One Methods:Adding Wheels (optional)Community Q&A Do you and your pet rock go absolutely everywhere together? Then you should put a little time and effort into building your rock a home away from home, so you’ll be able to transport it easily. See Step 1 below to get started. 1 Collect your materials and clear a workspace. You’ll be using the card first so make sure this is laid out in front of you. 2 Draw the net of your house as in the picture. The dimensions don’t have to be…

postheadericon How to Create a Versatile Wardrobe (Women)

How to Create a Versatile Wardrobe (Women)

Wish you could spend less, yet still have a beautiful wardrobe? WikiHow can help! Keep reading for detailed instructions. 1 Choose garments that you will be sure to wear over the next three years. 2 Take time to make a list of what you would like to have in your wardrobe. List all possible combinations as well. 3 Select only two weeks worth of clothes. Having less to choose from will force you to be more creative. 4 Choose two or three basic colors. Fewer colors and designs will enable…

postheadericon How to Create a Superlather

How to Create a Superlather

Shaving with a traditional shaving soap or cream can be a quite enjoyable experience while providing for a better shave. One of the key components of a quality shave is the shaving lather. Those that seek the ultimate shave often use a technique called superlather which involves creating lather using both a shaving soap and cream. This technique provides or an ultimate glide while taking the best qualities of both the soap and combining them for a “Superlather”. Let’s Look how to make one. 1 Use a wet shaving brush….

postheadericon How to Create a Spy Organization

How to Create a Spy Organization

Six Parts:Setting up your organizationGetting membersMaking a base or HQAssembling the gearTrainingSetting up spying role play investigationsCommunity Q&A Ever seen something strange but have never been able to do something about it because everyone thought you were off your rocker? Have you wanted to investigate suspicious situations with a team of trusted sleuths? If so, then you should create an awesome spy organization so you can have the backup you need when the time comes. Naturally, this is all about role playing––if you’re keen to be a real spy, read…

postheadericon How to Create a Symbol

How to Create a Symbol

Three Methods:Developing an Image for Your SymbolCreating a Logo with LettersRegistering Your Symbol or LogoCommunity Q&A Symbols are visual emblems that stand for something else, such as a brand, message, or person.[1] A successful symbol is visually striking and easy to recognize, like the skull and crossbones symbol, which represents something poisonous. You do not need a high level of artistic skill to produce an effective symbol. Symbols can be produced in various ways and may even include text, which is also known as a logo. After you create your…