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postheadericon How to Sharpen a Knife

How to Sharpen a Knife

Three Methods:Using a Whetstone or a Diamond StoneUsing a Honing Rod (Sharpening Steel)Using a Coffee Mug for Quick ResultsCommunity Q&A There are more non-functional knife sharpeners on the market than any other product (with the possible exception of no-effort exercise machines). However, there are plenty of ways to sharpen a knife that do work. This article points out the most common mistakes. Method 1 Using a Whetstone or a Diamond Stone 1 Pick an angle to sharpen your knife. If you already know what angle your knife is sharpened at,…

postheadericon How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife

How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife

Three Methods:Sharpening with a WhetstoneHoning the BladFixing a Broken TipCommunity Q&A Kitchen knives should be sharpened regularly to maximize their functionality and effectiveness. Sharp knives will slice through ingredients quickly and safely, effectively reducing preparation time. Knives can be sharpened at home using a few basic tools. Read the article below to learn how to sharpen a kitchen knife. Method 1 Sharpening with a Whetstone 1 Gather the necessary materials. You will need a double-sided (coarse and fine grit) synthetic sharpening stone. You will also need a honing steel, which…

postheadericon How to Set Up a Buffet

How to Set Up a Buffet

A buffet-style meal allows the guests to line up and choose which foods they would like to eat as they move from one end of the serving station to the other. The following are the basic guidelines that will help you set up a buffet. 1 Arrange the room for the best flow. Beginning with clearing the room you plan to use for your event, place the serving table in the middle of the room. This allows guests access to the food from both sides of the buffet table and…

postheadericon How to Serve Tea

How to Serve Tea

Three Methods:Serving English TeaServing Chinese TeaServing Tea from Around the WorldCommunity Q&A Tea is a wonderful, healthy drink that is enjoyed all over the world. It’s a large feature of life in the United Kingdom, as well as Japan and China (where it originated)[1] even to South America and the Middle East. It’s a fun way to have a party or simply a quiet moment. Method 1 Serving English Tea 1 Get ready for your tea. Now you can always just splash some boiling water in a mug and have…

postheadericon How to Serve a Full Course Meal

How to Serve a Full Course Meal

Serving a full course meal requires understanding what each element is and what it consists of. A formal meal can be a small course of a plate or multiple course of dishes. A full course meal consists of many courses most probably a formal meal has many courses too. This article explains how to present a full course meal. 1 Serve an amuse bouche. This element of the meal is served before the appetizer. Amuse bouches are very small, bite sized savoury items. 2 Serve appetizers (often known as entree…

postheadericon How to Serve a Bagel Breakfast

How to Serve a Bagel Breakfast

A bagel breakfast is delicious, easy to prepare, and enjoyed by many people. Many like to share this treat for a Sunday morning, but you can have one any day of the week. Ad Ingredients Half a dozen of the best bagels you can find (serve 6) 1 pound of Nova or Nova Scotia lox 3-4 tomatoes 2-3 Bermuda Onions, sliced Red or yellow pepper, sliced (optional) Capers (optional) Cream cheese (2 containers) Steps 1 Get the best bagels available in your town. Heat them whole in the oven at…

postheadericon How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives

How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives

Not all kitchen knives are equal – often a fashionable brand can be found selling poor quality knives at a high price, while it is possible to find a better quality set for cheaper with a lesser known brand. Since kitchen knives will be an investment that is used daily for all your cooking days, selecting good quality ones that have durability, strength, good handling, and endurance is a must. In this article, you’ll learn what to look for when you go shopping for quality kitchen knives. 1 Before setting…

postheadericon How to Select Broccoli

How to Select Broccoli

Broccoli is an incredibly versatile vegetable that can be eaten cooked or raw, plain or cooked into a dish. Choosing quality broccoli is a key to enjoying it. 1 Look for broccoli with bright green heads. 2 Prefer compact clusters of the broccoli florets. The more open the florets, the older and closer to flowering the florets are. 3 Choose firm, strong stems and stalks. If the stem seems woody, do not buy it. 4 Avoid purchasing broccoli with yellow flowers. It has gone past the stage of desirable texture….

postheadericon How to Select and Store Kiwifruit

How to Select and Store Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit are a useful fruit to have on hand for fruit salad, cake or pavlova decoration, and as a snack in their own right. Here is how to select a kiwifruit and store it properly. 1 Look for kiwifruit that is large and plump. 2 Discard any kiwifruit with blemishes, gashes, or rotting parts. 3 If the kiwifruit you’ve chosen hasn’t ripened yet, place it in a bag with a banana to ripen until its outer skin yields to gentle poking. 4 Store ripe kiwifruit in the fridge. They will…

postheadericon How to Select and Store Cabbage

How to Select and Store Cabbage

Three Parts:Selecting CabbageStoring CabbageIdeas for Cooking CabbageCommunity Q&A Cabbage is a modest vegetable that doesn’t boast about the fact that it is a central part of dishes the world over. wikiHow, however, is speaking up for the bashful cabbage. Selecting and storing cabbage is not difficult–choosing what you’ll make with this veggie is a whole different story. Part 1 Selecting Cabbage 1 Look for cabbages that have bright colour to them. Cabbage comes in either a green or red color. When picking out green cabbages, look for those that are…