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postheadericon How to Critique Creative Writing

How to Critique Creative Writing

Two Methods:Preparing to CritiquePresenting the CritiqueCommunity Q&A Writing well requires talent and skill, but it also requires practice and feedback to evaluate the results of that practice. Critiquing creative writing successfully requires knowing what’s important to the writing and what’s important to the writer receiving the critique. The following steps offer direction in how to critique creative writing for others. Method 1 Preparing to Critique 1 Don’t critique the work without first being asked to. The writers who are most open to having their work read and evaluated by others…

postheadericon How to Create Your Own Scary Story

How to Create Your Own Scary Story

Everyone loves a scary story while sitting beside the fire at camp, don’t they? Why not create your own scary story to tell or write! It’ll scare your friends for sure!

postheadericon How to Create Strong Female Characters

How to Create Strong Female Characters

Many authors try to create well-rounded, developed, and charismatic characters. Many succeed, but too many fail when those characters are females. Female characters are often surrounded with controversy on feminism and how society expects women to behave. This article will help you remain politically correct and still create complex, beautiful female characters, whether they’re the protagonist or a supporting character. 1 Observe female characters that already exist, from classic literature to contemporary fiction. Pay attention to characters that people don’t like. Bella Swan from Twilight is often considered weak, passive,…

postheadericon How to Create Study Plans

How to Create Study Plans

Studying randomly might be the worst mistake any student can make. It only leads to failure. To be organized, you have to create your own studying plan to decide what will you study and when, and manage your priorities in order to be more successful. 1 Study the same day. Everyday in school you learn something new. So make sure the same day after going home you study whatever was taught in school. 2 Revise. Make sure you revise what you learned throughout the week on weekends. 3 Choose what…

postheadericon How to Create Urban Rainforests

How to Create Urban Rainforests

Four Parts:Finding a LocationFunding the ProjectDesigning Your RainforestsMaking It HappenCommunity Q&A Many cities have undeveloped or unused land that could be used to create green space for the community. An urban rainforest can provide a fun and relaxing place for people to meet and share in enjoyment of nature. While rainforests are probably more likely in tropical environments or in greenhouses, you can create a green oasis in any climate that will draw people to nature and each other. Part 1 Finding a Location 1 Consider geography and climate. Some…