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postheadericon How to Create Notes on an iPad

How to Create Notes on an iPad

Taking notes on your iPad is much easier than carrying around a notepad. You can also dictate notes if you don’t feel like typing. Here’s how. 1 Tap the Notes icon on your iPad’s Home screen to launch the Notes app. 2 Tap the plus (+) button at the top right of the interface to create a new note. 3 Type content into the new note using the on screen keyboard. 4 To dictate text to your note, tap the Dictate button (the microphone symbol on the keyboard) and begin…

postheadericon How to Create Paragraph Tags in Adobe Framemaker

How to Create Paragraph Tags in Adobe Framemaker

Paragraph formats or paragraph tags in Adobe FrameMaker are what let you spice up those otherwise boring and dull documents. That is, a paragraph tag helps you define the formatting properties (font name, size, color, and so on) for the textual data, such as headings, sub-headings, headers, footers, figure titles, and so on, in your FrameMaker document. In addition, the paragraph tags enable you to apply consistent formatting to the contents in your document and therefore, enhance the appearance of your documents. Although FrameMaker consists of pre-defined paragraph tags, however,…

postheadericon How to Create Method 1 Sine Waves on Cylinders

How to Create Method 1 Sine Waves on Cylinders

Three Parts:Helpful GuidanceThe TutorialExplanatory Charts, Diagrams, PhotosCommunity Q&A You’ll learn to create Sine Waves on Cylinders by Method 1, which is taken from a recent article, as revised for this project. Part 1 Helpful Guidance 1 Make use of helper articles when proceeding through this tutorial: See the article How to Create a Spirallic Spin Particle Path or Necklace Form or Spherical Border for a list of articles related to Excel, Geometric and/or Trigonometric Art, Charting/Diagramming and Algebraic Formulation. For more art charts and graphs, you might also want to…