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postheadericon How to Create a Pedal Board

How to Create a Pedal Board

When dealing with numerous effects pedals especially when you have to transport them often it can be kind of a pain to have them all over the place. Life does not have to be this way, make a pedal board! 1 Size up. Determine how many pedals you want to include as this will determine how much wood or other material you will need. 2 Measure. Space the pedals apart at a width allowing enough room to be connected properly, and measure accordingly using your eye or a measuring device….

postheadericon How to Create an Outdoor Movie Theater

How to Create an Outdoor Movie Theater

Three Methods:Set the SceneCreate Your Movie ScreenSet Up Projection and AudioCommunity Q&A Whether you are camping in the backyard or are planning a night of movies under the stars, creating an outdoor movie theater will impress friends and family, making for a night everyone will remember. Method 1 Set the Scene 1 Find a location for your outdoor theater. Identify a place in your yard that will accommodate the screen and your guests. If you plan to project the film onto a screen or white sheet that you hang on…

postheadericon How to Create an Outline of a Song

How to Create an Outline of a Song

Many musicians create outlines of songs when learning to perform them live. This is especially useful for musicians that do not play to sheet music (Few bands play to sheet music anymore. Some that still do are Jazz and Orchestra Groups). A common method is the “paper and pencil”. All you need is a writing instrument and a recording of the song you are going to perform. 1 Press play on your audio device (iPod, computer, radio, etc) 2 Listen to what portion of the song is playing. 3 Write…

postheadericon How to Create an Ultimate Warrior Costume

How to Create an Ultimate Warrior Costume

So, you want to be the most intense and the physically impressed wrestler in the WWF (now WWE) for Halloween? Well now you can! 1 Get the face paint. Ultimate Warrior has a distinctive face paint. Get the pictures of Ultimate Warrior from Google as references. The face paint has three colors. Start with the outline with the first color, then the second color inside the outline, then the last color must be around your eyes. 2 Put on the trunks. His wrestling trunks are either white or one of…

postheadericon How to Create an Original CD

How to Create an Original CD

If you are a single member band who wants to learn how to create an easy and original CD, this guide gives steps on how to create some new and impressive music! 1 Figure out a theme for your CD: fast paced, slow, heartbreaking, jubilant, or just an all around variety. 2 Set a reasonable deadline depending on how long it takes you to write or arrange music. This could be a few weeks, months, or even years. 3 Write the music, track by track. It’s best to record after…

postheadericon How to Create an Instrument Sequence on an MPC 1000

How to Create an Instrument Sequence on an MPC 1000

The MPC 1000 welcomes newbies and seasoned producers to a new era of making music. If you’re looking for a sampler that’s portable, powerful and affordable then maybe the MPC 1000 is the tool for you.Follow these steps to successfully complete a recorded sequence on your MPC 1000: 1 • First, turn your production station on. (The Power button is located in the back left hand corner of device). 2 Wait for the MPC to load the operating system and anything else saved to the compact disk (chops, edits, sounds,…

postheadericon How to Create an InstrumentChamp Song

How to Create an InstrumentChamp Song

This guide shows how to easily arrange a song that you then can play together with friends on piano, guitar and drums and see who plays the best, through InstrumentChamp. 1 Connect a digital piano to the USB of the computer. Make sure that your computer supports the version of USB that piano uses. 2 Start the music program of your choice and create a new composition. Set the right tempo of the song (look for a box or slide that says: bpm or tempo). Create 4 tracks, and name…

postheadericon How to Create an Indiana Jones Costume

How to Create an Indiana Jones Costume

Three Parts:Making the WhipMaking the HatPutting Together the OutfitCommunity Q&A Making an Indiana Jones costume doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet. With a few household items and some handy craft tools you can easily make a costume that looks like the real thing. Follow these steps to make the whip and hat, throw on some khaki pants and a shirt, and you will soon be dressed up just like Indiana himself. Part 1 Making the Whip 1 Line up a 6-9 feet (1.75-2 meter) roll of cabinet liner. 2…

postheadericon How to Create an EP

How to Create an EP

Three Parts:Songwriting and ArrangingRecordingMixing and ProducingCommunity Q&A Have you formed a band, played at shows, got locally famous and got signed to a record label? This article will show you how to make your own extended play. Part 1 Songwriting and Arranging 1 Decide on a topic for your song. Brainstorm lyrics and ideas related to the topic. 2 Write several verses. They should have the same number of lines and the same chords, but different lyrics. 3 Write a chorus. Make it catchy and easy to sing along to….

postheadericon How to Create and Pitch an Idea for a Reality TV Show

How to Create and Pitch an Idea for a Reality TV Show

This article provides aspiring writers and creators a step-by-step guide for creating and pitching new Reality TV show ideas for the television industry. 1 Identify the category of reality series you want to create. This may be a “Docu-Style” series that shows viewers a unique world, family, lifestyle or business. Or it may be a competition series with a structured format, leading to an ultimate winner or specific result. 2 Create the unique “hook” for your show. This will be the unique premise and agenda that fuels the events in…